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23-Year-Old Makes $100K Off Osama's Death

Osama bin Laden's body was barely in American custody — and one savvy New York kid was already making t-shirts to commemorate the *******'s death … pulling in over $100,000 in less than 2 days.

23-year old Maurice Harary tells TMZ, he made a beeline to his NY apartment as soon as he heard the news of Osama's death — and started building a website to sell his "OBL is dead" t-shirts.

Maurice claims the site went live at 3:30 am on Monday — and by Tuesday evening, he had already sold around 10,000 units at 12 bucks a pop … meaning dude raked in approximately 120k in less than two days.

Yes, we know … you had the idea first. Stop whining.

Source: 23-Year-Old Makes $100K Off Osama's Death | Testimonials:
Originally Posted by blueriver I just received a review copy of this report, and here is what I found:

Despite he is very new at the forum and he really does not heave any post around here,
Pinguspy is sharing his strategy using their own experience to explain in a step-by-step manner with screen-shots that makes it quite easy to learn from.

It was delivered in PDF format and has 40-42-pages in length and is newbie friendly however, even the more experienced marketers are sure to find …
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It is all about how to use Zazzle to make money but he shows you how you can increase you income usign another sites.

What I do not like are the big, overused images troughout all the report (but who care about that if you make money?…) And maybe it could be more organized.

What I like is if you really focus on it, you will be able to get inside the game, although as he appoints you will need some time to get it done, and that's precisely what I appreciate, it's not a get rich quick scheme but a real method that works if you put it in action.(That's why you will buy it, after all)

And for the price of ten bucks this is a steal. So if you really want to start making some real money, you should get this.

-Antonio Serrano Originally Posted by masterazizi87 First of all I would like to say thanks to Pinguspy for giving me opportunity to review his product.

Zazzle Domination has 42 pages, including pictures and everything. It will guide you on how to make money with Zazzle step by step. In my opinion, this method is newbie friendly but you must put a lot of efford to make a stable income. Do buy it if you are going to stick with it. Dont expect to make $100/day if you are going to try creating a few design coz you need a lot of them to achieve that.

I really like the affiliate method in this ebook coz I'm sucks in designing but Pinguspy show to me how to make a stable income by being an affiliate to big companies.

Thanks.. Originally Posted by imtraining77 Here's my review,

While this method is not new to me, yet i found few tips that will multiply your income. He has outlined every single steps required to achieve the results.

From keyword selection, design and marketing of your product, everything is covered in a simple and actionable steps.

Personally i like the method because it gives options to you to do it yourself or outsource part of the process.

Thanks for the review copy PinguSpy Originally Posted by hanandaner PinguSpy kindly sent me a review copy. The report was well written and to the point. Each step is explaihed with reason so you can actually understand why are you doing it. Though the method is not new, it can actually help someone to make decent money using their creativity skills. I actually learned couple of tricks for marketing the stuff online. I especially liked the facebook method. It is real cash maker.

Thanks again for the opportunity to review the package.

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