4 mp3 audio files: (small sample is given on this page)
acupuncture2-visiting an acupuncturist.mp3
acupuncture3 – does acupuncture work.mp3
acupuncture4-the holistic and complementary practices.mp3

Introduction To Acupuncture.txt
Your First Visit.txt
Does Acupuncture Work.txt
Acupuncture – Holistic And Complementary.txt

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[YES] You can include the audios to a paid membership site
[YES] You can rebrand the audios
[YES] You can edit or translate the audios
[YES] You can sell the resale rights – your customers can resell the product but not pass any rights.
[YES] For the purchase of an e-course in the niche for which the audio was created you may give the audio away
[NO] You can include the audios to a free membership site
[NO] You can give away the audios to other internet marketers
[NO] You can sell the audios in auction sites

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