Dear Fellow Marketer,

Who knew you could go broke split-testing?

If you have been involved in marketing for more than 5 minutes, someone has told you by now that the key is testing.

Thats 100 true. What they dont usually tell you (sometimes because they dont even test themselves) is that testing is expensive and time consuming..

Hi, Ryan Deiss here and I have an confession to make, Ive been lazy when it comes to testing. I know that testing is the most powerful part of marketing but to say I have been a power tester in the past would be a lie.

I have performed plenty of tests over the years but no where near the level I should have.


Because testing is expensive and it takes a long time I have avoided the pain. All I really wanted was the results, right, so I simply bought them.

I Bought 43 Best Split Test Results And
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