7 Dollar In A Box

Ever Wondered What It Would Be Like If You Can Whip Up Dozens Of $7 Dollar Secret Websites In Less Than 1 hr? You need a system that can easily save your information so that you can easily load,…
7 Habits Of Highly Effective Networkers
7 Habits Of Highly Effective Networkers

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7 Step WordPress Setup
7 Step WordPress Setup

WordPress is the blogging platform of choice worldwide. Its not the only option for bloggers out there, but its the most versatile, most robust, and easiest to get started. Almost everyone whos tried to set up a blog can quickly succeed with the easy-to-use tools provided by WordPress.

However, being able to publish a post online does not mean that your blog is sophisticated enough to attract the right readers. To stand out from the crowd, you really need to understand the more advanced features in WordPress.

If you have a very good grasp of all the capabilities available in WordPress, youll be far ahead of other marketers out there who know only the basics. Even if youre brand new to blogging but want to learn the right way from the very beginning, then you need to get a copy of 7 Step WordPress Setup. These videos will walk you step-by-step through the entire process starting from the most beginning level to the more advanced features of WordPress that most people dont know about.

Heres a summary of what youll learn:

Installing WordPress
Customizing your package
Configuring your settings
Updating your blog
Backing up WordPress
Advanced tips
Extra features

If youve wanted to get started blogging but youre intimidated by the technical aspect, then this series is for you. If youre already blogging but would like to expand your knowledge of the capabilities of the WordPress blogging platform, then 7 Step WordPress Setup can show you that also. There are 40 video tutorials in all, showing you everything you need to know from the most basic steps to the more advanced functionalities of WordPress.

Not only can you use these videos for your own personal education, but you also get master resell rights so that you can sell this entire package over and over. Youll get a complete reseller package with sales page, squeeze page, follow-up messages, and affiliate promotion tools. Its a complete system, either to use for yourself or to sell or both!

With the information in this video series, youll be miles ahead of the competition!

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