At last life can begin again for Raelynn Barrett.
In the loving embrace of her new husband, the
dashing American shipping magnate Jeff Birmingham,
she can forget her painful past and the tragic,
undeserved disgrace of her family. Jeff has
brought passion into her heart once again — and
each sweet, lingering kiss is a promise of a
future rich in joy and sensual fulfillment.

But Raelynn can hear the whispered rumors that
damn the man she loves. And what her own eyes have
witnessed seem to brand her adored and adoring
Jeff as the worst sort of criminal. Yet even as
she flees his desire and his love, Raelynn cannot
escape the memory of his tender touch and the
heated nights they shared. But in the face of the
devastating treacheries of ruthless, hidden
enemies, how can Jeff ever hope to win back the
trust of the woman he cherishes…and secure his
place eternally in his beloved Raelynn's betrayed