Writing is fun. Well, writing what you want to write or what you enjoy writing is fun. Dont you agree?

Sometimes, though, its nice to get a little recognition for how well you do it. I know for me personally, even a little email from a customer with a compliment about my writing is nice. Were all human, and I think we all like some affirmation from time to time.

I know a certain leading internet marketing guru who keeps every single testimonial in a file. Arrogant? No, I dont think so. I think he just appreciates it. He likes to make a difference in peoples lives.

Can you imagine the feeling of seeing the words Best Seller next to something you wrote? Wowthat would be cool. Like wearing sunglasses 24 hours a day and sitting courtside at every Lakers game cool.

I remember a line from a Billy Joel songTHE Billy Joel songPiano Man. The song is a story about his days playing in a piano bar in California during a dispute with his first record companyand the people in the song actually existed. Davy was in the Navy, John at the bar was a friend (he got Billy drinks for free), and people did actually put bread (tips) in his jar on the piano and say Man, what are you doing here?

The line Im referring to though is Paul is a real estate novelist. Once I heard Billy Joel explain that this was about the guy in the bar (Paul, of course) who sold real estate but was always talking about writing the next great American novel.

Well, maybe your ambition is not for the next great American novel, but

Being able to say My book is on the best-seller list on Amazon would be incredible. Thats the kind of thing youre proud of forever. Its dinner party conversation material at its best.

Its the sort of label that commands instant respect and admiration. And its the sort of achievement you can use as a springboard to a plethora of wonderful money-making opportunities.

Plusif youve written a books worth of materialthats a lot of work! Dont you want others to see it? Dont you want a reward of some kind?

Maybe youve thought about it before. And maybe youve brushed it right out of your mind. You just couldnt really imagine yourself creating a book that actually snagged a spot on a bestseller chart.

Why dont you think you can do it?

* Dont you have to be known to make a bestseller list? No
* Do I have to have some kind of publishing house behind me? No
* Do I need to know some secret web guru hacking tricks? N
* Do I need Oprahs Book Club to help me promote? – Nope

You want the truth? Its not really that hard. Shhhits our little secret.

You CAN be a best-selling author on Amazon!

And you have instant access to the report that will show you EXACTLY how to do it!

All you have to do is:

* Write and self-publish your book.
* Create a pre-launch excitement and anticipation.
* Recruit JV and affiliate partners to promote your book.
* Offer prospects a huge bonus package to buy on a particular day.
* Promote the launch with your JV partners help.

Rocket to instant stardom when you hit the Amazon bestseller list and you can use your newfound fame to land publicity opportunities, a book deal from a major publishing house and much, much more.

Reseller Tools

* Includes Sales Page – Yes
* Includes Download Page – No
* Other Included Pages – None
* Notable Reseller Extras – None

Distribution Rights

* Resale Rights – Yes
* Master Resale Rights – Yes
* Private Label Rights – Yes
* Giveaway Rights – No
* Offered as a Bonus – Yes
* Full Product Copyrights – Yes
* Full Graphic Copyrights – Yes
* May Modify Product – Yes
* Packaged with Other Products – Yes
* Added to Paid Membership Websites – Yes
* Added to Free Membership Websites – No
* May Publish Offline – Yes
* May Sell on Auction Websites – Yes

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