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Originally Posted by ChrisGuthrie Hey Jeff, nice work on this one. I love getting a chance to check out the strategies that other marketers are using to be successful with Amazon.

Learning actionable advice from people who have proof of their success is the way to go. Originally Posted by M Thompson Great product again guys…if anyone is sitting on the fence Jeff and Dave are the real deal, proper ethical marketers that walk the walk and talk the talk, this is not theory it's whats working for them now Originally Posted by paul nicholls I have gone through the video course and i have to say its a solid video course with plenty of great content. Ive known jeff for a while now and i know that he knows his stuff when it comes to amazon and what he shows you in this course is every step you need to create a profitable amazon site from the ground up

The way he builds his sites are very effective but simple and they certainly are effective

The link building methods which jeff and dave teach in the videos are rock solid techiniques, i know this first hand because i use simliar methods when promoting my own affiliate sites so not only are they great link building methods but they are long term too and more importantly link building methods which google love

this is a great course and you should jump right on this if your interested in making money with amazon or if you want to increase your amazon earnings

great stuff jeff & dave

Paul Originally Posted by iced12 Hi Guys, great set of videos, of the ones I've had the opportunity to look at they are clear and concise. Excellent value – You Bet! Originally Posted by Sisu Hi there:
I have spent the last few days going thru this course and I have to say it is one of the best courses I have purchased, especially for anyone wishing to promote Amazon products. For me, it covered all the loose ends I needed answers to plus more. Videos are very clear, covered the topics very well and to the point, without a lot of the excess chitchat nobody has time for.
If you are having difficulties getting on page one of google, I would strongly urge you to buy this program. Included in the same price is a forum where you can chat with fellow marketers and get help if you need it.
With a great price, no monthly fees and access to the forum, this is something you should not wait on.
I should also add that I was rather surprised after listening to umpteen videos, I felt very motivated and excited to start, rather than the usual feeling of being overwhelmed and confused. Excellent value. Thank you, Jeff and Dave.

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