Ashram Yoga eBook

The ancient practices of Yoga are very good for your health and well-being. Many benefits come from simples exercises done regularly. The axiom that a little bit goes a long way truly applies to yoga.

Yoga is easy to learn. In this ebook we present a wide range of basic postures, breathing techniques and meditations that you can learn and practice at home. Each exercise is explained and illustrated.

We highly recommend the exercises contained in this ebook. We teach these practices everyday and know how powerful they are at transforming peoples lives on all levels physically, mentally and emotionally.

Yoga exercises benefit:

* Circulation
* Joints (anti-rheumatic)
* Digestive system (relieves constipation and indigestion)
* Spinal mobility (good for neck and back issues)
* Mind and emotions (mental and emotional balance from meditation and relaxation)
* Breathing (deep breathing improves the lungs and carries oxygen to the brain)
* Organ health (enlivens internal organs by gently massaging them)

The exercises contained in this ebook are essential for building a firm foundation in yoga. We teach them to absolute beginners, pregnant women, the elderly, athletes and even advanced yoga practitioners. Everyone benefits from these fundamental practices. Many of our yoga teachers sell this book to their students.

10 AUD