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Amazon Blog Riches Traffic Tornado is for those who have built blogs in the past & those who are starting. Traffic Tornado is for people who are looking for a little extra to Automate Traffic to their site using FREE TOP Rated plugins. The reviews alone SELL the product so please read.

Amazon Blog Riches Traffic Tornado is Volume 2 in line of the Amazon Blog Riches Brand.

Volume 1 was just launched a few weeks back and is selling extremely well mainly focused at setting up and structuring your entire online Blogging empire the correct way, including KEYWORD RESEARCH & FINDING Best Selling Niche Products.


Did you know that many of us are shooting ourselves in the foot before we ever get off the ground by improper initial promotion of our blogs?


Did you know that there is a very, very specific strategy to follow when getting your blog RANKED overnight and actually LIKED by GOOGLE in order to achieve future GROWTH & SALES?


99 of Bloggers are following the wrong steps!!! which is why they are not making money


Would you like to know what to do when you initially launch a BLOG and how to MAKE SURE your blog is built and setup for future success?



Would you like to know how to MAINTAIN your blog so that it CLIMBS in Google from the day it was built!, As opposed to dropping back to page 35 or so?


1. How to correctly promote your blog so that you become ranked overnight the Google Friendly Way.

2. Install a FREE plugin so that you can see how SEO friendly your blog is – This alone would justify the price of the course.

3. Learn what sites you can link to for FREE and how you can take advantage of this with one simple link so that you can climb in Search Engine Positioning.

4. Learn how to create a link widget full of rotating links related to your blog so that you can be seen as the domineering site in the search engines eyes which in turn increases ranking.

5. Learn what SEO plugin will manage your Keywords for you and divert traffic to your main sales page converting viewers to sales.

6. Install a free plugin which will manage your tags and have your tags working for you as opposed to against you. Increasing Google Positioning.

7. Learn how to Write Title Names so that they can work for you as opposed to against you.

8. Set up a widget that will control the navigation of your site so that your sales pages are always in view of the buyers.

9. Understand when the best time is to post on your blog so that you maintain Google Positioning.

10 Set up a FREE fully automated TRAFFIC system that will bring buyers to each and every page of your site which will in turn increase Google Rankings.

11. Follow a monthly Maintenance Guide to insure your blog in increasing in rankings and sales.

These are just some of the benefits within this amazing Amazon Blog Riches Course – Traffic Code. If you are looking to structure your entire online business from the start following a step by step guide then Volume 1 is also right up your street.

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