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Originally Posted by Mike Lantz MY TAKE:
We had another stellar week with packages, and it looks like this one will beat out last week's top package to become the best-selling package ever

Originally Posted by luane Can't wait! Dan is the man when it comes to Amazon and provides great customer service – always! Kristie YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.

Originally Posted by ChrisGuthrie I really like the way the software displays the product information from Amazon. I've spent years with Amazon and have earned well over $90k in affiliate commissions in the past few years and if there's one thing I've found is that the tools that Amazon provides to help you make money – suck. Their banners convert terribly and pretty much anything else they do, so you really do need to rely on software like this to help increase your click through rates and ultimately – your income.

I'm going to finish installing this software on a bunch of my niche sites to get ready for the holiday season later today. Originally Posted by djalexander Great plugin. Had the site up and running in about 15 minutes. No problem with access or getting the plugin to pull results. Already started the indexing process and building links to a new domain just purchased. All within 15 minutes.

This is a great plugin.

Good Job!

DJ Tradebit Viewers

This is going to blow you away.

Ive never seen anything like this in my 8 years of making money online

This is so wild

so sneaky

so weird

but yet so revolutionary.

What is it?

Weve Discovered a Way to Literally Snatch ANY Top Page Keyword Ranking YOU Want, No Matter How Competitive, In Under 72 Hours!
Originally Posted by Marian Amazon – beware! You're going to lose quite lot of money!!! Stop this package!
Marian Think about it

Let it sink in.





Like for example the keyword: Canon EOS Rebel T2I

On Amazon, this is a THE BEST selling digital camera on the market.

Its a $500 product and gets over 30,000 EXACT MATCH searches a month on Google alone.

For you guys who have a life, that means youll make a CRAP TON of money by ranking for that keyword as an affiliate.

If you sell just ONE of these bad boys through simple little affiliate review blog, youre looking at over $30 bucks in commissions.

Sell just one a day and youre looking at close to $1000/m in pure profit affiliate commissions.

Sounds great, right?

Yeah. righttttttttttttt

As you may have discovered already its not as great as it sounds
Originally Posted by Chris Munch Another awesome package again – its backed by Dan so you will know it will massively overdeliver for the price.

I've built up some solid blogs based on product reviews (some thousands of pages) and its a very solid method IF you know how to get traffic.

" like Amazon, BestBuy, Ebay, Walmart, etc"
The fact you include these merchants in the plugin is awesome. I know eBay performs very well for me. Tell Me If This Sounds Familiar to You.

You spend all day finally getting that new affiliate site online

You load it up with some articles you spent 4 hours writing

Finally get found by Google You even start getting some traffic.

But then, 2 weeks later, you disappear off the face of the earth.

Ahhh yes. That Google Sandbox I can smell it now.

Anyway, finally, after a whole month, youre finally back in the rankings

But this time youre sitting on page 162

And if youre trying to rank for an ultra competitive term like Canon EOS Rebel T2I, I hate to break it to you but youre looking at about 6 months before you make it to the top.

6 months

And theres no way around it. Especially when youre going the affiliate review blog route

At least thats what I thought.

But then I discovered this new Snatcher method and now Im cherry picking at will multiple listings for the same ultra competitive Amazon keywords

Keywords like the Canon EOS Rebel T2I Camera that normally take 6 months to rank just one site

Im now able swoop in and rank 3, 4 or even 5 different sites for the same keyword in sometimes under 72 hours.
Originally Posted by ledebutant I don't know Daniel at all, but I do do SEO for a living. Getting a high-competition keyword on page three or four in 72 hours isn't something to sneeze at. I'm not sure Daniel is saying that his screenshots represent the state of things after 72 hours, but if he is, it's actually a fairly decent result.

Page three or four isn't going to do anything for a site traffic-wise, but, if his system can put you there after just 72 hours, then odds are good your site would continue to climb and/or wouldn't need much of a push to get to page one. I actually see it as positive that Daniel didn't post a bunch of page one screenshots, because he's showing us what's realistic to expect.

Yes, I know the sales copy made it seem as though your site would push all the other sites down and kick sand in their faces, but whenever I'm buying here, I try to cut through the hype and think about what's practical to expect and then evaluate whether or not a tool will be useful to me. Would it be useful to me to have a plug-in that would quickly build price comparison charts for affiliate products? Hells yeah, it would. Am I interested in learning other people's SEO tricks? Definitely. So, I bought it. Maybe it won't make me rich, but I see positives around buying it.

Originally Posted by jaymowa This looks like a real deal to me. I have so much trouble ranking for the top keywords which get a lot of searches. I have sites which rank easily for lesser keywords but the big money is in the volume of sales you can get from the keywords which really get a lot of searches. I am going to buy this right away and put it to work. Ive got to be honest with you though, it took me a long time to figure out how to make this happen.

Before I discovered this, I was like you having to wait months for half-way decent rankings

And had I of given up when I wanted to, Id still be waiting

You have no idea how frustrating it was at first.

See, the thing is, initially, I was approaching the snatcher concept the wrong way.

Let me tell you how it happened.

So, Google

Panda update

It basically shifted the weight it placed toward authority based user-driven websites.

Primarily the social networking sites

You know, the usual suspects:

Facebook,, Tumblr, Hubpages, etc. etc.

So I approached it the "old way" by loading the properties up with some review articles and letting them do their thing.

One of my primary focuses was getting my Facebook page ranked. Before I knew it, I had already taken page 2 on Google of a keyword Ive been trying to rank for for the longest time.

But then it happened.

Facebook shut my page down, quoting too much affiliate intent.

DRAT! I was almost there.

Then it hit me.

Obvious of course

In order to keep these social networking sites happy so that your page stays up, you need to focus on the users not by focusing on sales generation.

The trick is sending them to a bridge page but not any kind of bridge page.

A bridge page that improves the user experience

So how the heck do you improve the user experience of a review site?

Well, I put on my thinking cap, and developed a clever idea for a software

A software that I could place on my own website that I could link to from Facebook on my other social properties, which would find the lowest prices on EVERY major product network and display it back to the visitor in all the various options.
Originally Posted by tigerwar Hey Dan,

I was looking at a plugin similar to this last week, cost $97.00 (not as good ) and was about to purchase….
A BIG thanks for letting this out at such a cheap price

Great deal guys and a must for CTR and $$$$$, it's the missing "." over the "i" in Affiliate Marketing.

TW Here's a Demo Of How The Amazon Deal Snatcher Plugin Works:

YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.
Originally Posted by Michael J Anthony This is freakin AWESOME!!!! I'm in!!!!
Yoooo, Dan man! This is NUTS!!!! Exactly what I been needing.
I am gonna combine this with mobile and make a killin wit this.
I dont think I ever hit the buy button so fast in my life!
Azon Snatcher Plus OTO for under $50 dollars, duccats, bucks, smackers….simoleans!
You da man, Dan! This Deal Snatcher software improves the user experience by helping them make up their minds. Thus keeping everyone happy.

Even you

Because when your visitors have their minds made up, it means HIGHER conversions!

High conversions means MORE MONEY!

On some of my pages Ive noticed a conversion increase of 3X the normal rate. Yes, THREE times.

Three times the amount of money for a couple minutes installing a simple, but effective plugin.

And now, you can get your hands on what I dub, Amazon Snatcher…

Its a combination of a very clever method that leverages certain social websites the right way, and a powerful Deal of the Day plugin that makes the whole thing possible.

One cannot exist with out the other…

Originally Posted by TheSwedishAffiliate This thread is going bonkers!

Ok so a little update. Bought this plug-in a couple of days ago. I installed it on a site that already makes money. And guess what… Now it makes more money than before…

Why, how is that possible, how does it work?

This is not rocket science. I don't understand half of all the flaming going on in this thread. This is the way I look at this product.

* It's a plug-in that will show your visitors where to buy the product at the cheapest possible price…

That's it! And it works like a charm. For all of you slow mofos out there that don't understand how this affects your visitors then you should really consider giving up your IM career, no I mean REALLY. This is not for you. Just let go… It's alright. Here's a Sneak Peek At The Azon Snatcher Members Area:

Hah! You thought that was it? We're just gettin' started! We also show you exactly how to get several pieces of content ranked on the first page for very competitive keywords to crush your competition and make serious affiliate commissions

BONUSES: We have an hour and half closed door webinar on how to make serious cash during the holiday season- This was a very popular product and you get it FREE with your purchase today

We also have 2 secret bonuses!!

So theyre yours now, and it wont cost you a fortune either.

Just a measly $17 well sort of

Were starting the sale at $17, but for EVERY customer who buys, the price raises automatically!

We're doing this is to insure my Amazon Snatcher method doesnt fall into too many hands.

Every minute you wait, the higher the price will be.

NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .

2.52 USD