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Why BingWhy Now?
Could the Unthinkable Occur
Bing Business Portal Basics
How to Do a Bing Business Portal Listing (Step-by-Step)
Step 1: Visit Bing and Get Started
Step 2: Add a new listing
Step 3: In the case of a Claimed listing you will have to get pass the captcha
Step 4: Fill out Basic Business Info under the Details Tab
Step 5: Selecting Categories
Step 6: Completing the Business Profile
Step 7: Completing the Mobile portion of the business listing
Step 8: Adding Photos to Your Listing
Step 9: Complete the More Details section
Step 10: Adding Users to Your Business Listing
Step 11: Verify your listing
Step 12: Publish your business listing
More Cool Areas of Bing Business Portal
What I Sell
Deals (Think Coupons or Specials)
Optimizing for Bing General Strategies
Cool Resources:
Optimization Strategies Details
Optimization Strategies Profile
Optimization Strategies Mobile
Optimization Strategies Photos
Optimization Strategies More Details
Initial Observations on Bing Business Portal versus Google Places
Bing Citation Basics
Social Media
Frequently Asked Questions
UK Customers

Learn how to optimize Bing Listings for maximum results
Step by step instructions on how to use the new Bing Local
Discover how to take advantage of the free mobile site
Find out all of Bing's extra features that make Google Places look like a joke

…and so much more!
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