Ed Parker\'s Complete System of Kenpo Karate. This book was just by DomoAji Publications and cannot be found anywhere else. The book is a PDF file that you can print out and has over 300 pagers of great information.
This book is not based on any one organization of the Parker Systems but a compellation of several years worth of information that I have collected. It has a listing of the 16, 24 and 32 belt systems but has the technique requirements for the 16 and the upper belts are the 24 technique requirements. It covers kata\'s or forms from short 1 to form 7 as well as Mass Attacks and Book Set (Panther Set).
The book covers all the techniques, forms, freestyle that is required up to 5th black. It also covers grappling, Sticks, Knives, Sets and much much more.
This book is a must have for any kenpo stylist, this book is packed full of great information that has been gathered over of the last 10 years of my martial arts career

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