In this guide I am going to show you exactly how to start using Craigslist to your advantage. Almost any business can benefit from Craigslist, but only if you know how. Luckily for you, I am going to show you the exact methods you can use.

Dont worry, this guide is not filled with a bunch of fluff or filler content. It is a straight to the point resource that will show you everything you need to know about Craigslist.

You will learn how to use Craigslist, how to post ads the proper way, how to find prospects for your business, and a variety of ways to start profiting now.


A few of the tactics that I am going to reveal to you may fall into a gray area with Craigslist rules. I personally feel that some of the tactics are completely fine to use, and I will explain my reasoning in the guide. And many of the techniques I show are indeed 100% completely white hat and follow all Craigslist rules.

However, if you are offended by learning possible tactics that could be considered gray hat or possibly black hat, then dont buy this ebook.

One of these tactics that I reveal in the guide resulted in THOUSANDS of visitors to one of my sites. And I never had a single ad denied. Does that mean Craigslist agrees that the tactic is fine to use? You can make your own conclusion.

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