Learn how to select, cook and flavor your food for heart healthy, delicious meals the whole family will enjoy.

Shara Aaron, MS, RD, and Monica Bearden, RD have shared their passion and expertise in nutrition, flavorful food, and cardiovascular health to create a book of 125 unique and delicious recipes compiled from a variety of sources, including chefs with a background in nutrition, that not only tantalize taste buds, but also address the needs of a heart healthy diet. 
Nutrient rich ingredients full of flavor were the criteria for recipe selection. Saturated fat and sodium is limited, but what makes this book unique is that the recipes will make use of the growing body of research showing that prevention and wellness can be achieved with the use of heart healthy fats, fiber, certain vitamins and minerals, and phytochemicals.
Each chapter focuses on an ingredient or collection of ingredients and their evidence for heart health and wellness. Nutrition facts for each recipe are included, along with sidebars and tidbits of information on the ingredients regarding their healthfulness as well as tips for buying and cooking these ingredients in general.
At the back of the book will be pantry makeover suggestions and 10 days of menus using the recipes to help the reader follow an overall heart healthy diet and manage their weight.


Author: Shara Aaron, MS
Author: Monica Bearden, LD
Publisher: Race Point Publishing
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Language: ENG
Title: Don't Break Your Heart Cookbook: Reduced Sodium Recipes for a Healthy Heart – Flavoring Food with Herbs, Spices, and Fresh Wholesome Ingredients
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On Sale: 2013-03-15
SKU-13/ISBN: 9781937994143
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