Produce Your Own Powerfully-Written, Beautifully-Designed Ebook
You know ebooks are valuable business tools
Valuable once theyre done. Its getting them done thats the tough part.

You may have an idea for an ebook in your head, but youre not sure how to structure what you know into an ebook that people will want to buy and read.

Plus, youre not a designer. How are you going to make your ideas look polished and professional?

And after you spend all that time writing and creating your ebook, how are you going to find the energy to market it so you can get it into as many hands as possible?

Presenting eBook Evolution

eBook Evolution gives you all the tools and step-by-step guidance you need to create an ebook that people will clamor to read and that grows your business.

Part 1: Pick a great idea, and get writing
Sticky eBook FormulaThe Sticky eBook Formula shows you how to pick a topic for your own ebook that overlaps between your expertise and your audiences need. Written by Kelly Kingman, whose work has appeared in publications such as the New York Times, this ebook teaches you how to:

Make your idea stand out from the competition even if youre in a highly-competitive niche and the industry leader has already written about your product, you can still stand out.
Choose a topic your readers will clamor to read.
Brainstorm and pin down clear ideas (even if they feel fuzzy right now).
Map out your ebook concisely, to avoid getting stuck in a 300 page brain dump.
Use time-saving tips and techniques for getting your ebook done.
That sounds great, but Im not a writer.

Sticky eBook Formula walks you through how to get your ebook written, even if you dont consider yourself a writer. Youll discover how to choose the best topic to write about, and how to structure your material. Youll even get tips for getting your writing done (because it doesnt count if its not done!).

BONUSES: eBook Evolution Premium customers also receive:
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