Food Legislation of the UK: A Concise Guide contains the legislative controls that regulate the work of food technologists in the United Kingdom. The book reviews the "Food and Drugs Act 1955 (as amended)" which provides for the control of food composition, labeling, and hygiene through the issuance of Regulations as Statutory Instruments. The text also discusses other acts and regulations concerning the sale of products, trade descriptions, weights, and measures. England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland have different food laws and acts. In general these acts provide for the preparation and sale of milk, dairies, and cream substitutes; for the regulation of markets, slaughterhouse, cold-air storage; and for administration and enforcement. The "Weights and Measures Act 1963 (as amended)" covers all aspects of weighing and measuring different kinds of foods (fresh or pre-packed). Miscellaneous acts concern control and prevention of pests, infestation of food, and enforcement of inspection authority. Other food regulations and orders establish certain food standards, control additives, prevention of contaminants, labeling supervision, hygiene check-up, and weight and measure inspection. The book can help students of food technology familiarize with legal standards followed in the industry, for technicians, or officers connected in food processing, hotels, and restaurant management.

Author: Jukes, D J
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Title: Food Legislation of the UK: A Concise Guide
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