Eli Jaxon-Bear presents a radically new model of the ego and the psyche. Bringing together his background in Buddhism with the Sufi work on essence, he presents a fresh approach to awakening using the Enneagram's nine fixated structures of ego to clearly describe who you are not.
You will see how habits of egoic identification continuously appear to veil the pure, pristine consciousness that you truly are. When habits of mind are exposed, there is a clear choice to end the bondage of ego-based suffering and to realize the vast, inherent freedom of ones true nature.
In this book, Eli gives us the map of the prison of mind and the keys to freedom.

"Eli's profound teaching of the Enneagram is support for true self-investigation. His model of the ego is useful for all seekers after truth. He shows the traps of mind and the possibility of waking up from the trance of suffering." – Gangaji

Author: Jaxon-Bear, Eli MD
Publisher: The Leela Foundation
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Language: ENG
Title: From Fixation to Freedom – the Enneagram of Liberation
Pages: 00268 (Encrypted EPUB) / 00268 (Encrypted PDF)
On Sale: 2013-02-21
SKU-13/ISBN: 9780615501239
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit : General

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