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Video #1

This video walks you through the steps of signing up an account and how to create your first Pay-Per-Click campaign.

Video Time: 11 min 24 sec
Video #2

This video walks you through the steps of the Campaign Settings.

Video Time: 11 min 44 sec
Video #3

This video explains on how to build & manage your keywords effectively.

Video Time : 8 min 27 sec
Video #4

This video walks you through on how to create your ads in your account.

Video Time : 5 min 5 sec
Video #5

This video shows you how to create new ad groups.

Video Time : 7 min 31 sec
Video #6

This video briefly explains on how to do tracking of your keywords & ad groups in order to find out which of them are profitable and which are not.

Video Time : 6 min 1 sec

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