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How To Recover Google Penguin Update – Google…

Originally Posted by cypherslock This is a package that is worth the small price. Each section is organized so that you know what to do next and there is no fluff involved. The screenshots are clear, the writing is engaging and in short follow this and you'll see your site come back and rank. There is so much involved that you really need to set aside time to go through it all first, then start at the beginning. He even tells you when to do what so you're never at a loss.

This was a review copy. And it is one of the clearest packages I've read, with nothing left out, and more to the point not a ton of affiliate links either! Keep this Warrior on your notification list. Originally Posted by wajahath Hey Warriorfaraaz,

Google penguin shooter does what it says and it delivers bang on 100. We can also apply these strategies even when we are not hit by penguin update. The tips and whole lists of to do's and websites in the course make it worthy of my time and money. I will definitely implement all the secret strategies and the good point is that all the things make sense and are logical and not some magic formula – easy and practical, that's what I like. Originally Posted by TheDebtEliminator Was fortunate that Mohd Faraaz Ahmed gave me a review copy of his package Google Penguin Shooter

It was delivered in PDF format and has 5-modules covering many different aspects of SEO.

If you have been struggling with your websites ranking because of Google's Panda and Penguin updates this information that is being will help you.

Everything is explained in a step-by-step manner, with screenshots ………………………………….
That makes it quite easy to understand and learn from.

He has been able to figure out how to comply with these updates and be successful ranking his sites quite high with Google.

Some of the things that he covers are ..

Keyword research using several methods that are very effective and not used by the majority of IM folks.

Doing your on page SEO, that is very effective in raising your ranking.

Backlinking methods that will keep you and big G. smiling 24/7

The bonuses all by themselves are quite easily worth more than the cost of this package.

In my opinion, this report is extremely low-priced than does deliver a blueprint …………………..
for getting your sites ranked very highly.

All the best Ron Originally Posted by rain21 I got this ebook before few days back and just finished reading it. As an experienced marketer, I recommend this package for anyone regardless of their experience level in the industry. It teaches you all and everything about SEO and how you can gain maximum benefit from the penguin update. It shows the way how you can dominate penguin in several clear steps. We don't have to worry about the penguin now, we almost have a clear proven way to go. If you are affected by the penguin update, you must read this, it is simple but unique and powerful. Thanks warriorfaraaz, your package is superb, probably the best SEO related package I've read so far. Originally Posted by shoail.dns Hi warriorfaraaz,

you have done a excellent job , this is the most outstanding package i have ever read on the Tradebit Viewers forum.

guys there is lot of real information inside as warriorfaraaz shows how to get your website to the top of the google and even he has show the proof of his website ranking on the #1st page of google and also #1 in the google's #1st page , i was really amazed how you did it.

really after reading your complete package i am feeling like a SEO Pro , their is lot of information inside which i dont know being a SEO Person.

i really appreciate your work and love to use this strategies.

you have discussed all the SEO issues in depth,

your keyword research strategies which has blown me away , what a way to do the keyword research?

i have used one of the strategy and also got a premium domain registered just now.

your on page analysis are very important i haven't thought of this before making my wordpress blog's but those are like the important pillars for ranking your site in google …i really love them.

your "Google Off Page Warrior" is an outstanding part of the package almost 15 strategies which will literally kill all the google updates….specially the wikipedia,web2.0 and the video Tradebit Viewers was very special for me.

and you have also explained the importance of the social media and the branding i think no body on the warrior forum have gone in depth on this topic.

at last the bonuses are really a worth more the value of your package ….they are a worth 300$ i could easily pay $57 for the information you have provided in side.

hope you get success with this.

i also recommend to the person who ever is interested in this , just buy it guys you will never ever find this kind of information anywhere else.

Thank you

shoail khan. Originally Posted by Moneymakeredge I received Google Penguin shooter for review this morning. The package is broken down into four parts.
The Money Word Inspector – learned about one untapped source here.
On Page Penguinizer – reminded me to change two on page tactics.
Google Off Page Warrior – 18 sections packed with easy to follow strategies.
Social Soldiers – Facebook g+ and more – the G+ section is great like a separate package and the list of fiverrs to design backgrounds to content- Amazing.

Each section thoroughly covers the theme and has a list of Fivers you can order from.

The sections were further broken down into sub categories and lists that can be given to your own VA if you have one.

For the beginner, this package cuts to the chase with easy and actionable strategies. For the Advanced SEO there are a few things which might get you back on track if you have forgotten.

Of note are the sections on Press Releases, which again give you the Fiverr's that he has used and the strategy of getting your releases 1,000's of backlinks. I adjusted my strategy with just one of his suggestions and saved myself loads of time.

One section in the Google off page warrior is perfect for my VA, a section on Padsubmitting which is almost like a separate package. Included is everything you need to start immediately. This one, I am just handing off and getting him started this evening.

There are 18 modules, with fiver lists and bonuses. A very comprehensive list of services and easy to follow pdf's on the how to if you want to out source to your own VA.

Everything is laid out for you. You could come use this to set up a work flow and hand it off. Well executed, easy to read, a no brainer, save yourself some time and get this package!

Originally Posted by wackiin I was given a review copy,also took a bit to read thru it all
He REALLY gives alot of content and alot of knowledge
He takes you thru on and off page seo.
As well as Social media .Great Course i know alot of things but this has showed me quite abit more then I knew.
Also he included a bonus Im not sure if I mention are not but if its included its great also
Overall this is one of the best SEO guides I have seen if you want to learn SEO
Id recommend grabbing this Originally Posted by cparker I was given a review copy of Google Penguin Shooter a few days
back and just finished reading it and totally loved it! It is broken down
into 4 parts and a very easy read for beginners to understand as well
as experienced marketers. Loved the clear steps of this package and the
latest SEO info for us after recent updates.

Great job!

Cyndi Originally Posted by Santhoshseo Hello Faraz,

Thanks for having me the review copy on your package Penguin Shooter… here is my review to follow:

As a SEO Marketer from 3 years , i can truly say few things about current situation… now a days seo is somewhat critical and crucial aspect to learn… webmasters and other people who are in seo industry are going through misleading information by other people…but in the end those products will not help to gain desired rankings what they desire….

His Product has some unique things to concentrate, he known the secrets which types of links to a website that google likes……he went through onpage seo and offpage where other did.. but the cool thing here is he went through strategies which not much people are doing… for example PAD submission so many people dont know what exact it is…. but he went those kind of in very detail manner… simply i can it a course to go for " Learn SEO War in this time" and his guide will help you to win the battle of SEO War……

NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .

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