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Originally Posted by Chris Munch Panda really raised the bar on on-page SEO.

The robots.txt trick you have is gold and its a critical defense against the 'post panda cap' which devastated so many sites traffic out of Google. I know it was a major reason one of my sites suffered – I anticipated it, but just didn't have the fix ready in time.

This report is NOT to be ignored.


Originally Posted by Bill Guthrie Kevin,

You're nuts. OK, I said it.

Where do you get off putting ALL THIS into a super-cheap offer? Yes, "over deliver," I get it. But this is really ridiculous. Each of these–the 124-page guide, the internal linking plug-in, the bot file, and don't even get me starting on the damn SEO Mastermind Group!–each is easily worth more than the paltry price you're charging.

But no! You have to show us all up. Well, you're hereby off my *maybe* list and from now on, on my DEFINITELY list.

Great work, buddy!


All best,
Bill **********
Originally Posted by CraigRC Bought and went through everything and wanted to leave my thoughts.

I had no problems with the delivery system luckily, if there was an issue with it they seem to have cleared it up.

My overall feelings are that this is one of the best SEO values I've seen on the forum, simply because Kevin, Lester, and Aiden have provided every possible piece of information related to successfully optimizing a site to perform well within Google's engine from Day 1.

I was surprised by the sheer amount of content, it really is an amazing "bible" of free resources, simple methods, and strategy blueprints, presented in a clear and easy to understand 1-2-3 format that people of all skill levels can quickly absorb and benefit from.

Just an excellent course that is priced extremely low for what it provides, and I love how they're including the Mastermind private access as a part of the package as there are many people who just can't get everything down the first time through and need direct help to put the finishing touches on their sites.

Very impressive, and something that I have no problem putting my name on as a positive recommendation. Great job guys, two big thumbs up!

Craig Mako
Fast Attack Solutions **********
Originally Posted by Mao Flynn On Page SEO was always one of the primary pillars of effective SEO!

Hovever post panda, and with the progression of social signals it has become more important than ever!

What you have here is a Masterclass Course in Onpage SEO! No stone is left unturned in its 125 pages of premium content!

I give this course my highest recommendation if you are seriousabout dominating Google page one!

The bonuses and plugins alone are worth many times the cost of the course!

Great job Kevin,
MAO Flynn **********
Question – How long does it take you to build 100 backlinks to your site?
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You see Google has changed the way it ranks sites, BACKLINKS are now not as important as before. in 2012 it all comes down to how well your site is optimized for SEO. YOUR only way forward is a SITE that is over 80 optimized in terms of OnPage SEO and ranking on page 1

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Why is OnPage SEO so important and how can you start with implementing this VITAL strategy into your daily SEO routine?

The truth is that search engine optimization starts with a solid foundation, which in your case is on page SEO. OnPage SEO is the core and foundation to YOUR future rankings and success going forward.

Do you know that you will need 10 TIMES more backlinks to rank on Page 1 of Google if you ignore OnPage SEO factors?


In 2012 if your site is not optimized you are fighting a losing battle, we all know that many BACKLINKS have a short life cycle so why keep chasing your tail? Do yourself a favor and build your foundations right for everlasting results.

Dear Fellow Warriors

Welcome to OnPage Domination, your ULTIMATE course of nearly 130 pages of PURE content relating to OnPage SEO. OnPage SEO is one of the most important factors of becoming a success online today. (Trust me on this one, I have the results)

Its crazy but true to think that you NEED 10 TIMES more backlinks to rank higher in Google if your OnPage SEO is POOR and at that, because of the changes in 2012 you are not guaranteed anything from backlinks.

Think of all the MONEY and TIME you wasted by creating backlinks and chasing your tail when you could have done the job right in the FIRST place by building your foundations and structuring your content. (This only takes 30 Minutes to do)

No one builds a house on poor foundations so why build your business on a sinking ship, you are only kidding yourself.

Lets GET WITH IT, and ensure we are giving ourselves the greatest chance of success by implementing the ULTIMATE OnPage SEO Techniques. These STRATEGIES will blow your competitors out of the water and free up your time to move on, building greater, more powerful businesses.

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  • SEO MIND MAP for future site construction
  • Work Flow sheet to keep track of OnPage SEO progress made throughout your sites

NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .

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