Introducing How to build a niche site EMPIRE–COMPLETE STEP BY STEP DOWNLOAD
If your Mom was anything like mine growing up, she probably told you, "You Get What You Pay For" and "There's Nothing Good For FREE".

Well, she couldn't be more wrong!

We just spent the last few months building a 70+ page Step-By-Step guide that has earned us $115,166.59 in the last 6 months and we're giving it away absolutely free.

Yep, you read that right…

No money. No email opt-in. Nothing…FREE.

So…it's gotta be junk, right? Nope!

That guide is the business man!!! Great stuff – I don't believe you guys are giving this up for free; this could easily be a WSO or other paid product.Irwin (via email) In my opinion, this is a complete guide for making niche sites and by following it everyone could build his/her own empire of sites. Thanks again for the high quality gift.Omid (via blog comment) I probably learned more about how to develop a genuine online business by listening to Justin and Joe than all the stuff I bought into these past few years. They are definitely an inspiration to anyone who wants to run a virtual business anywhere in the world. It's simply solid and honest content from beginning to end.James C (via podcast review)

  • 70+ pages of No-BS, step-by-step content that took us over 500 hours to put together!
  • 80+ minutes of video, walking you through our entire process
  • Killer keyword research examples and strategies
  • Basic steps for domain purchase, hosting setup, and installing WordPress
  • Content ordering, editing, QA, and upload
  • Tested on-page SEO strategies that work!
  • Detailed backlinking strategies that won't break the bank
  • Download copies of the exact spreadsheets we've used to scale our process
  • Mastering an outsourced workforce the RIGHT way
  • Scaling your business through outsourcing and automation

Over 2,200 downloads in the first week!

Chapter 1: Keyword Research
We cover everything from where to find "seed keywords" to advanced research tricks the other guys aren't telling you.

Chapter 2: Content Creation
We give you our content sources, show you examples of the types of content you'll need, and give you the templates we use to order from our content providers.

Chapter 3: Hosting and Site Setup
Tailored specifically to those who are new at building niche sites, we uncomplicate the process by walking you through everything, step by step.

Chapter 4: Linkbuilding Strategies
Linkbuilding on a budget isn't easy. We show you the exact strategies we use to get on the first page of Google for our low-competition keywords.

Chapter 5: Scaling and Automation
Building a couple of sites is great to get started, but what if we were able to show you a way to build hundreds of these sites without breaking a sweat?

Real Testimonials:

"Building A Niche Site Empire" is great for those who are just getting started:

Thank you for all of the great content you guys are putting out! Its seriously helping me out 100 of the way. Ive just switched careers from doing interior design into the Internet marketing world and I honestly would be no where without you guys. Everything you put out has something juicy in it and I enjoy reading and listening to everything you have to say! Keep it coming! and thanks again! – Renee B (via email) There are a ton of tips and tricks for advanced internet marketers, too. Check out what Paul had to say:

Hey guys, really appreciate the tremendous content you have given away for free. I already have a portfolio of niche sites and the information you have provided will help me build out future sites more successfully.Paul C (via blog comment) NO tricks and NO upsells to get to the "good stuff". We lay everything out, directly and plainly, and put forward our exact process in an easy-to-implement format.

So what are you waiting for!?!

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