This inspiring volume will help artists find personal and professional support in the struggle to stay up-to-date, creative, and profitable in the highly competitive field of illustration. \"How to Grow as an Illustrator\" features interviews with more than 60 of today\'s most successful illustrators in which they reveal some of they ways in which they have stayed successful through the years. Topics discussed include how to find your true style; the importance of art education; the merits of mechanical skill vs. conceptual skill; how to effectively balance your professional and personal life; marketing, promoting, and maintaining a successful business; how to stay motivated; dealing with project failures; and how to embrace change. With its informal and unpretentious style, this is bound to become an inspirational volume for illustrators at every stage of their career. About the Author Michael Fleishman is a successful freelance illustrator, graphic artist, and commercial arts tutor with more than 25 years experience. He is currently the President of the Graphic Artist\'s Guild.

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