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Originally Posted by vladdarius First of all I just want to say that I have bought 104 wso's from this forum and about 20 were on keyword research in order to get the thing right.

I will be honest when I say that i stayed away from amazon for a long time because I was afraid to fail on picking a good keyword for a product….

I usually just look at the best selling products, check out the prices, figure out if i know anything about the product, jumping on the Google keyword tool and look for products and i was making to little or no cash at all, so I started to concentrate on other resources for affiliate marketing.

This really changed the game for me, I was missing a crucial component that made me happy to get into amazon again. The course is very easy to follow, it has no fluff or hype. It is straight to the point and you will enjoy reading it. It's one of those gold nuggets that show up from time to time that offers long term quality information.

Plus the price is awesome, you can't go wrong with 7 bucks.

Hussien made this a no-brainer. Originally Posted by SGWarrior I got a review copy beforehand and after going through the 23 page ebook, below's my take on it's worthiness.

After reading the first 10 pages of the ebook, I found myself already slapping my forehead a couple of times, these are just a couple of those "why didn't I think of that" moments I had. The method taught makes total sense when it comes to finding amazing keywords that are both easily to rank and most importantly , profitable! Although I have been using the tool mentioned inside the ebook for the longest time, I have never really use it to the level being taught and after finish reading the entire guide, it finally dawn on me why I have been failing to get sales despite ranking page one for top selling products in the past. There are 2 very awesome ninja tricks mentioned towards the 2nd half of the ebook and so far I have never seen anyone use such techniques to compare amazon products and with these 2 ninja tricks combined, it is almost NOT possible to fish out profitable keywords that will make sales even though some of them may be low on monthly searches.

IMO this ebook alone (without the bonus) should be sold for at least $17 or more. If you are not making enough bank with Amazon till date, you need this guide! You will not regret getting this one, especially at this early price of $7. Originally Posted by pacesetter007 My unbiased thoughts on Hussien's new ebook:
1. Book is short, straight to the point- Ever read one of this 100 long pages of stuffs that could be explained in 10lines? That's a big waste of time. You could read this manuel in 20 minutes depending on how fast you are and begin to implement it in 2mins! I was suprised when I discovered this myself…one of the easiest methods I have seen.

2. There are a couple of live case study- a win win for me- One of the reasons why I love this short instruction note (yes, it's a short instruction note) is the fact that there were different live case study in it. Things like, "see this, click this >>see the result" type of things. He even did some keywords analysis right in there. For this, I can't complain.

3. A powerful free tool to uncover niches was reveal in this ebook- honestly, I had never heard of this cool free tool before. It had been there all along, just didn't discover it.

4. I thought google keyword tool was the only thing to researching amazon product…boy was I wrong!- that's the true. This book proved me wrong. Examples/case studies of keywords that had "0" monthly searches on Google keyword tool and was still profitable was mentioned.

5. Point clear simple english- well, no explanation about this…

6. He even recommended sources to get quality articles, backlinks and tools…what more can you ask for! Absolutely worth every penny you'll be paid for this.

P.S- Yes, I got a review copy. No, I wasn't paid to say good thing about this ebook. In all sincerity, this ebook is worth your time and money.

P.P.S- Hussien is a lovable person. I'm sure you can trust him with your hard earned money!

P.P.P.S- I put this thoughts down as I was reading the ebook. Only after I have read it did I explain my thoughts.

Tim Originally Posted by hpgoodboy Hi Hussien,

I bought you WSO and read it all the way through. Here is an excerpt of the review that goes out to my subscribers:

Overall rating:
This is an excellent WSO. You are going to learn exactly how to find really untapped and profitable keywords for your Amazon affiliate sites.

HP Originally Posted by judsonsolomon This WSO is UNIQUE. Why????

I used to purchase some WSO and found 75 of the information inside the pdf were known to me. Sometime even 99

What a waste of money and reading time to me.

But from this WSO, after reading sales letter, I thought I should gain 75 of NEW information that I have never heard before.

I was totally WRONG!

Evey single word or even every single page has UNIQUE information to me. It has 100 UNIQUE information I have never heard before, and I believe this going to be a game changer for me.

100 satisfied. Originally Posted by comp123 Thank you for your response, Very good communications in this WSO unlike a lot of others. Originally Posted by clownfish Hey Hussien,
Nice WSO, quick and easy to get started with, very good ideas!
Like it!

Psst! Your support is awesome!

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