Before I get started teaching you my cutting edge technique for
making money building a list I want to first talk about what a list is
and why its so important.
An Opt in Email List is more than just a list of peoples Names and
Email addresses. Its a list of people that choose to opt into your email
list and they want to receive more emails from you.
The people on your list took their time, trusted you and subscribed to
your email list.
Its very important that you understand that the people on your list
are actual people and not just some data on a list.
Your Opt In Email list is your life blood when it comes to making long
term income on the Internet.
Once you build a large list of subscribers you can make money
anytime you want 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
At the time Im writing this report I have an email list of about
114,000 subscribers.
Youre probably on my email list and you probably receive my emails
several times a week.
I bet that sometimes you open my emails and other times you dont.
One thing you want to think about is why is it that sometimes you
open my emails and sometimes you dont?
The answer to this question could allow you to make much more
money from your email list.
Anyway back on subject
When I want to make money all I have to do is spend 5 to 15 minutes
looking for an affiliate program to promote and then another 5 to 15
minutes writing an email and then I hit the send button and start
making sales within minutes.
I normally make $2000 or more every time I hit the send button. You
probably notice that I send a good 3+ emails a week promoting
affiliate programs so you can see that its quite profitable.
Recently I launched Unlimited Subscribers software and I did not do
any type of pre-launch. I decided that I only wanted to sell 150 copies
at first so there was no need for a big launch.
Well within 4 days I sold all 150 copies for $200 a piece. If you do the
math on that, I made $30,000 in 4 days not to mention the extra
$12,000 I made from backend sales. So in total I made over $42,000
in 4 days just from my email list alone.
Now Im not telling you this to brag. Im telling you this so you
understand the power of having a large Opt in email list.
Once you have a large list of subscribers you can make a ton of cash
anytime you want.
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