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Originally Posted by eAgent Incredible!
Ever see a package and say to yourself "&$#! – Why didn't I think of that?!"

Well, this is one of those.

But thank GOD I didn't have to spend the hours to ferret out all these unique Chinese sources, and try to make sense of 'em.

Great GREAT work, James & Drew.

I am heading into the Chinese market with our new swing stock trading software – and this new resource makes me drool like nobody's business. Timing could not be better.

Thanks gents. 5 thumbs up! Originally Posted by mike_somerville Hey,

Had a look at this .. James and Drew have put together something, I bet NO ONE in Canada or the USA .. have ever thought about!


get this before they realize what they have give away here! Originally Posted by Charles Wai Hi James/Drew,

Purchased as I am been living in China for last 7 years, quitted been supply chain director
Your product have given great resources
I would strongly recommending anyone to get this, that is also one of the reason I quitted high pay JOB to focus in Chinese Market IM since Mid-2010.
Chinese market is still in infant stage, but the exponential potential is already in the market whether you into SEO, CPA, Ads marketing, ebooks publication, MOBILE, software, APPS, etc.

Cheers Originally Posted by David Chamberlain Hey Guys

Interesting method! Talk about thinking outside the box…

The market is always evolving, and I think tackling the Chinese market will make a lot of people a lot of money!

David Originally Posted by Jason X Great course, this gives you a solid overview on the Chinese marketplace.
It also gives you the best methods for getting easy traffic.
Including many sites that I have never even heard of, what great new sources for us to tap into.
Huge opportunity with the networking video.
I am still going through all the resources and videos you provided, but this is jam packed!!!
I will be trying out this new marketplace. Originally Posted by robertphillips Great method for making some extra money. Targeting a market that is still untapped is mind blowing. All I can say is am impressed.

Robert Originally Posted by Han Fan Hey There,

if you are interesting to market to Chinese Population (my people). This is a Step-By-Step beginner guide to the door…

All the sites, are well researched..

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