Were living in a world where everyone wants everything immediately.

We have fast food restaurants on every corner, the ability to shop on our phones, live streaming sports events and nearly everything we need at our fingertips.

Throw into the mix the plethora of junk food that is available for us to purchase and consume and its really no wonder that, worldwide, we continue to get more and more overweight and obese.

Because everything is so convenient, the output required to get things we want is minimal, if not zero.

Instead of walking to the store, or spending a few hours trotting around a mall doing some shopping, we order our groceries online and buy new clothes and furniture at the click of a button.

Instead of putting in the time and energy prepping for and cooking a family dinner, we call up the pizza guy or swing by a McDonalds and pick up a cheap meal for the family.

All this convenience may seem nice but combine that with all the junk we consume and its no wonder the current health status of our world is subpar.
The health risks of being overweight and


How To Reclaim A Youthful Body And Brain Contains

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