Self Hypnosis CD – Improved Study Habits


A professionally produced and digitally mastered complete hypnosis session.
Studying is difficult – some people find it too daunting even to start a college course.

Developing and sticking with an effective technique, getting motivated to actually start study, learning to take fast and understandable notes, preventing distractions / procrastination, and sticking with it until you've finished are all major issues.

Whether you are a current student (no matter how far into your course), starting study in the future, or wish you were able to start a course HYPNOSIS is a great method of improving your ability to study

Track One-PreTalk: 19 minutes 07 seconds

Track Two-Hypnosis: 50 minutes 14 seconds.

Professional Hypnosis Created By Certified Hypnotherapists:
Jesse Berg, CHT. And Steven B. Schneider, CHT.
Audio have a complete and full Hypnosis session.
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4.97 USD