This is a fast, no-frills guide to earning money on the internet. In a compact, checklist style, you will get the explanations and the features to look for in many internet-marketing issues: affiliate programs, banners and banner exchanges, website-hosting services, reciprocal links, publicity, traffic analysis, communities, and much else. That checklist style gives hundreds of quick guidelines for successful marketing in newsgroups, email, and other venues.

Welcome to rapid-fire information: hard facts delivered at a 21st-century pace, for success in internet marketing. This book organizes the need-to-know details in a checklist format, for easy, logical management of the data, so that the facts are:

Easy to read.

Easy to apply into real-life situations.

Easy to find later when you want to refer back to a specific point.

The book is based on approximately 25,000 pages of research from books and websites. And it is based also on my business experience in internet marketing and other ventures.

PS: Iam not the author, but i got the resseller-rights!

19.95 USD