Insiders Secrets to successful Etsy Trading
This book is for the everyday Etsian that doesnt have any real professional business experience. In Art School, they teach you all the basics of creating art, but no real-life skills to market, sell, and make a living from the art that you create. Ive been looking for a practical resource that teaches the basics of business (financial, marketing, writing a business model) but that relates directly to owning a crafty business. The author takes some pretty complicated business topics & breaks them down into bite-sized nuggets that are super easy to digest!

Ive been (trying) to sell on Etsy for about 3 years on-and-off. Ive done… okay, but not nearly as well as Id hope to do. Im not ready to give up & this book has given me a kick in the butt to take some of the tips & tricks and apply them to my business to help it grow.

9.99 USD