Learn how to use podcasting and do video blogging.

Podcasting & Vlogging Basics:

– What are Podcasting & Video Blogging?
– What is the Difference between them?
– What is RSS?
– What is the Purpose?
– Your Basic Action List.

Start Podcasting:

– The Podcasting Tools You Need;
– Writing & Planning Your Podcast Content;
– Recording Your Podcast;
– Editing Your Podcast;
– Using ID3 Tags for Your Podcast;
– Hosting Your Podcast;
– Uploading Your Podcast;
– Podcast Promotion;
– Podcasting Action List;

Start Video Blogging:

– The Video Tools You Need;
– Selecting Your Blog Host and Domain;
– Planning Your Video;
– Shooting Your Video;
– Editing Your Video;
– File Format Selection and Uploading;
– Promoting Your Video Blog;
– Video Blogging Action List.

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