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Originally Posted by musthave
If you need to learn how to find OFFLINE clients or want to leverage yourself in ways you can not currently imagine then you need to take a close look at what Greig and Jonathan are doing!

They won't steer you wrong. In a forum full of posers, these are two of the "good guys."


Joe Lavery – Author
RESPONSE DYNAMITE Originally Posted by jscanlan84 OMG!!! This package is fantastic! I just finished going through everything and this is the real deal. I've been looking for a way to drive consistent leads into my business and I just found it.

Honestly, with this method you will be able to drive leads into any type of business you want. And this isn't just your typical run of the mill lead gen system. Greig absolutely nails it with some actionable, easy to follow techniques to generate massive leads fast! I have never seen anyone else using this method before. This is genius!

If you need leads for your business, then grab this now. The $7 is a no-brainer!

Jack Originally Posted by HungMoon Dude, I seriously can't believe you guys are only selling this for $7. That's RIDICULOUS man. If any of you are considering buying this I'd definitely suggest you go ahead and get a copy before the price gets raised. Thanks for putting together such an informative product!

Mitch Originally Posted by Tony Grant Hey,

I just saw these two guys talking at the Rockstar Summit in Vegas at the weekend. Both were full of awesome info and so this just has to be a winner, I just bought it and reckon you should too without any doubts.

I went to this conference not really interested in offline and was just hooking up with guys that I knew but after seeing these guys talk, my head is swimming with great ideas and I know these guys do this day by day with great success so this is absolutely no BS strategies.

Good luck guys and big respect to you…. Originally Posted by PositiveVibe This is a product of IMMENSE value and it's obvious that these guys are the real deal. They are providing way too much for the price tag of $7

I bought this not expecting too much (because I'm a pretty big LinkedIn guy already) and found the info really top notch.

I look forward to implementing some of these awesome strategies right away to further increase what I'm getting from the powerful lead source… Originally Posted by watchbill so when you spell Greig… i recognized the dude Greig Wells… i took advice from about three years ago to pimp out my LI profile for credibility when i was selling insurance and it worked very quickly.

to anyone who has not used Greig's techniques to get into the top 3 of all LI searches …hit the buy button now. Originally Posted by garymac101 I was in Vegas this past weekend at the Rockstar Summit with my buddy and mentor RyMac when we met Jonathon and Grieg. There presentations were fantastic…full of step-by-step direction and extremely actionable. I took great notes, but was thrilled to see them launching this product and was more than glad to get the pdf and video training for price of a cheap lunch. In fact, I bought the webinars and coaching OTO's too.

Jonathon has been killing it on line for a long time, had a number of different formulas along the way, always adapting to the new market conditions…an opportunist and I love him for it. I'm not ashamed when my bills need paid, I'm an opportunist too and proud of it…because we take action and go pick the money up and put it in our pocket. He and Grieg are flat out telling you how to go get the MONEY, if you can't drop some change and put an hour a day for a month to get it going….well, you probably shouldn't buy any more package's period and keep your day job. Originally Posted by Martin Lloyd I've been looking at making more use of LinkedIn over the past couple of weeks and purchased several courses – and a few with premium prices.

I've been through the video and pdf and if you're looking to increase your client or membership base and boost sales this programme beats the lot. WITHOUT QUESTION.

Highly impressed!!! Amazing Value!!!! Can't wait for the webinars!!!!

Thanks Guys you've given me another great and profitable lead generation machine.

Must go now and take action. Originally Posted by CalvinBH I just went through the training and I have to say out of all the packages I've purchased (LOTS), this is by far the most valuable. Originally Posted by Jay Rhome I'm fairly versed in LinkedIn, though not through that much experience I have to admit, but thanks to a couple of other packages. Yours is VERY good. You certainly add twists that I would not have thought of that are golden nuggets. I had decided to concentrate on LinkedIn as my main lead generation tool starting on Monday, so you came just at the right time. Certainly worth the $7 you ask for!!!
Originally Posted by ADukes81 Just blown away! Just got done watching the webinar and have page of notes. I am doing something similar with Facebook for offline marketer (fellow Warriors) and have always thought about doing it for the offline world.

Reading the pdf now.

NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .

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