Living with Soul picks up where every other spiritual book leaves off. It totally overturns our outworn ideas of God and our role in the universe by answering "The Four Big Questions": . Who am I really? . Where did I really come from? . Why am I really here? . Where will I really go when I die? The answers will turn your life into an ongoing spiritual experience . if you're ready. By exposing the 'God Hoax,' master teacher and age Tony Stubbs, explores the real designers in Intelligent Design, and the Grand Deception behind organized religion. The 'Jesus Conspiracy' chapter reveals how we have been controlled for 2,000 years. Living with Soul, the first volume in a two-book compendium, also details how You-the-Soul carefully crafted every aspect of the life you're living . and why. Writes Stubbs in the Preface: The book's intent is not to minimize the reality of death and suffering-or the joy when a new life comes into the world-but to change the way we see and experience it as a set of interlocking plans designed and orchestrated by us at the soul level for very specific purposes. The book's larger purpose, however, is to introduce us to who we are at the soul level so we can embrace our true identity and incorporate more of that in our daily lives. As we will see, the soul is a far cry from what organized religions teach-that it comes into being at conception or birth, hangs in the background while you live your life, and then ascends to heaven, where it waits patiently for Judgment Day and assignment to the fiery pit or saintly eternity. Sorry, it ain't nothing like that. As part of an unimaginably vast entity, you-the-soul have been around since forever and have undertaken cycles of lives on physical planes in all corners of Creation. You are currently living one life out of one cycle on one physical plane associated with one planet-Earth. Why is all this happening? It's a long story but you will know after reading both of the books in this two-volume set. Even after finishing the first volume, you will already have some of the answers. Promise. In eloquent, easy to understand language, Stubbs expertly documents a lifetime of learning and observations with excellent anecdotes, charts and other graphics.

Author: Stubbs, Tony,
Publisher: Dandelion Enterprises
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Language: ENG
Title: Living with Soul: An Old Soul's Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything – Vol. I
Pages: 00000 (Encrypted PDF)
On Sale: 2006-12-04
SKU-13/ISBN: 9781934280232
Category: Self-Help : Spiritual
Category: Religion : Spirituality – General
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