Everything in This Documents is Legal and have been done possible by the agreements done at the Convention de La Haye du 5 octobre 1961. The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents.

Become a Knight/Dame, Baron, Lord and a Count. Maybe you want to be a German Freiherr ore a Prince that is possible with theese 12 documents.

your new way of living. Forget fake titles or unreachable dreams. Concentrate on the new way, real way according to the international rules supported by old rules and tradition

My dear pure no one. You are dreaming about become the noble one, belong to the class of old noblemen but how to do that?

we can give you more than title, I can give you more that multiple titles. I can give you the know-how. Know-how which will change your future and the future of your family.

Internet is full of fake titles , just try search the web for 5 minutes and you will discover this. Fake title is nothing else than a paper and sometimes even less.

Now read carefully, I will explain you how to obtain noble title today:

1) Buy on internet. Most probably you will receive a fake title with stolen name under it proclaiming the issuer belongs to the old royal family. No matter if the person is true or not they do not have this right today. Based on the ?Wappenrecht? ? German expression for laws and rules around nobility and coat of arms, only ruling head of state can grant titles or can be granted on behalf by appointed officers. So you see no one from old nobility can grant a title as the empires they belong to together with their titles do not exist any more.

2) Another way is to be appointed by real head of state (very complicated?can you imagine to knock on Buckingham palace and ask Queen to rise you???), or by marriage or adoption. Very complicated to achieve as you can imagine?

3) Or you can buy my know-how. I have discovered the way how you can become REAL noble of any rank you may ever wanted and in additional ? you will have the right to grant REAL titles. Very simple way combining original ?Wappenrecht? with the new international law. Full legal, simple, fast. MUST be recognized by any court all over the planet. Please be aware the only limitation here is if your country do not allow citizens to use noble titles. This is my offer, I will let you know my secret I have discovered during years of studying of different ways of law.

What you will receive from me:

Letter describing the complete procedure, links to the web sites, abbreviations from texts describing the complete procedure

– Samples of documents for granting titles

– Initial documentation package for the first steps on your new way through your- life

There are also some unclaimed territorys left we are also sending information about that.

Start your own country !!!!!!! ore Micronation

Impossibili Nihil Est – Nothing is impossible !

25 USD