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Don't Take It From Me and AJ, Read These Killer Reviews!


I just got done going through the manual and the material and I have to say that this is pure genius!

The videos are of exceptional quality and for those of you wondering if this can work for you all I can say is that if you can follow some very simple and well laid out instructions then this will work for you.

I have bought other products from Lee in the past and I think that this is his best one yet. Lee also gives you great support and when you sign up on his list he actually has you sign up gives you updates and support for the products that he sells as opposed to bombarding you with other package's on a daily basis like some other marketers on this forum do.

I'm going back in to get the OTO now. If you don't buy this you may just find me taking over your city with my videos. I will be uploading all weekend.

This product ROCKS!

Thanks Lee,

Charles Well! Maybe I'm the first one to get everything to download! YEAH for me!
Anyway, I've already read you OTO report! OMGosh!!! Wow! This will blow things over the top…

(Wait… I should shut up… don't really want a million others doing this.. it's way to good!)

Never mind everyone… you won't like it… it's not worth the money.. save it for the next package… (hehehehe)

I appreciate that you gave those 2 great bonuses.. but I'd already purchased them … Oh well… if I'd only waited!

But I got to say they are both also really good. Been waiting for a chance to start my new offline business.. (reason I bought both of them!) and I'm finally doing it.. and this comes along to really give me a hugh BOOST!

But really… please don't sell or give away alot of the OTO report… the videos ok… but PLEASE NOT the report!

Thanks guys, you've given me just what I really need to get things up and running… no more excuses…

CJ Lang Hi Warriors!

Lee and AJ, again.

Question: What's the single best way to go from zero to a 6-figure income with Internet marketing?

Answer: Offline marketing to bricks and mortar businesses!

Question: What holds virtually everyone back from doing this?

Answer: Getting clients!

Your #1 Offline Marketing Problem Solved!

There are actually two issues most folks have when trying to sell their services to businesses.

Problem 1: They don't know what businesses to contactProblem 2: They don't know how to sell their services
We've solved both these problems with our new, video-based, passive marketing system…Offline Video Explosion!

In Offline Video Explosion, we show you, step-by-step, our proven method for getting business owners to pick up the phone and call you!

There is absolutely no selling required with our Offline Video Explosion marketing system!

No cold calling!

No direct mail!

No mass emailings! (One of our 3 methods is laser targeted email!)

None of this nonsense about creating videos and emailing them, unsolicited, to businesses!

No flyers!

No face-to-face! (I mean, really! How can you scale up a huge business this way?)

No asking businesses you normally deal with for business!

(You never, ever have to leave the comfort of your home or offlice to work our system!)

None of that!

Instead of all of this WORK!, we let our proven, passive, video-based sales system do all the prospecting and selling for us!

Let me explain…

Your Potential Client Has Already Been Burned At Least Once!

Remember Eddie Murphy Raw?

"What Have You Done for Me Lately, Eddie?"

That is exactly what your potential clients are going to be thinking when you talk to them. If you think that you are going to be the 1st person that they have talked to about helping them with their online marketing stuff you are either delusional or stuck back in 2004!

Believe me when I say that they have most likely been BURNT by someone talking just like you. This is the reality that you are going to face. You can ignore it and keep thinking about rainbows and lollipops or you can make their skepticism work for you by using our method, Offline Video Explosion!

What I am trying to say is that you can stand out from the crowd of people who are trying to get into their wallets on a daily basis and instead, talk to clients that WANT to pay you money! I have tried both methods and believe me it is much easier to get clients that are excited to work for you because you have already answered their most pressing question:

"What Have You Done for Me Lately?"

So, How Does Offline Video Explosion! Work?

With Offline Video Explosion!, business owners are going to call you, instead of you having to force yourself upon them. Basically, what we do is use professionally made videos and video SEO to position ourselves as a real solution provider for a given offline business.

You see, instead of trying to sell theory, like most people in this game, with Offline Video Explosion!, you'll be selling results! The client will see that and say, "Yes! This person actually knows what they're doing!"

I can't tell you much more than this, because the whole process is so simple (and inexpensive) that I would be giving away the farm.

Let me just say one more thing, though. AJ and I use a system we call our 10 x 10 x 10 system. 10 minutes….$10….more than 10x the results. The whole 10 x 10 x 10 thing is explained in detail in the report.

This is not just a report, though!

In Offline Video Explosion!, we just don't show you what to do, we give you the actual videos you'll need to massively dominate 3 of our best paying, proven niches. (4 professionally made videos per niche. 12 in all!) You can use these videos for any keyword in any city for that niche.

Basically, we've done everything for you! There's nothing for you to do except plug 'n play!

It just doesn't get any easier…or more profitable!

Just so we're clear on this, let's go over exactly what you get when you download Offline Video Explosion!

Here's What's Inside Offline Video Explosion!

1: 3 Hand selected, proven niches2: Each niche comes with 4 custom videos that do the selling for you3: 1 report, with 3 plans of attack! This will put you heads and shoulders above the competition!
With what we've prepared and laid out here, I don't care what your skill level is! Offline Video Explosion! shows you exactly what you need to do to get business owners picking up the phone and begging you to take their money!

Let me lay out how simple this system really is.

When you download Offline Video Explosion!, all you need to do is the following…

1: Take whatever custom video you like for one of the 3 "power" niches and add your own customization (Easy–5 minutes max–free)2: Upload the video to your YouTube account3: Spend $10 outsourcing some stuff. (Or do it yourself. It's all in the report.)4: Wait for business owners to contact you…or use our 3rd method (you know the "gray hat" one) and contact them!5: Rinse and Repeat6: Watch your PayPal account fill up with money!
I wish I could make this more complicated, so we could charge more money for it. But it's not!

This is the cheapest, most effective, passive way to build a real, 6-figure offline business that we know of.

Out Stuff Rocks!

Check out these testimonials from our most recent package…

Hi I would just like to say that Lee and AJ are awesome! I have been quietly surfing the Warrior forum for a min now but I HAD to break my silence for this one! I have purchased all 3 of their recent package and they really do delivery! The customer service is the best, its second to none in my book and I WILL most def be implementing this method including the previous package's, in fact I've already started. If you have any doubts.. Don't get it now! lol

TJae I just wanted to say how excited I am about this package! I had already purchased Offline Smackdown which was also great, but had no clue as to how to get the SEO and Places stuff accomplished. This has answered my questions and made it all clear as a bell. For someone like me who has desperately wanted to enter the Offline market, this package makes it possible and makes me an expert almost from the get go. Thanks so much Lee!

Just finished reading the pdf … all I can say is ….

Straight to the point
Easy to go back to each step and reference as no boring videos to watch
Each step is given in clear and concise points

Great explanation of how to succeed at Google Places – my #1 reason for buying


nbcreviews First of all let me clear the air:


I have a habit of scrolling like 6-12 pages into a PDF to even see if there is content, I did this on this one and then realized I need to back up and read from page 1.

Some of the terminology I have heard used, but never understood because there wasn't just a simple explanation, but this explanation is friggin' barney style.

I really only picked this up for the google places information, and I AM GLAD I DID because the SEO method is WICKED. Not only are you shown how to get the client ranked, but if they decide to pull the plug on your services, you can pull the plug on them!

Ready to Build a Huge Offline Business?

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