Part 1 Anim8or is a free and powerful modelling/animation 3d software package.
Create and animate 3d cartoons, movies, adverts, traditional 2d toons and cut out animation.
Anim8or is ideal for product design, illustration and comic art; turn your pencil drawings into 3d models.
Anim8or is the easiest 3d program to learn, spending about 1-2 hours everyday you will complete the course and learn the full package in about 2 weeks.
Every module has a video tutorial with narration, acrobat notes and anim8or example files.
Anim8or is the perfect tool for graphic design artists, art students, cartoonists, inventors, web & game designers and movie makers.
Anim8or will help you bring your dreams to life.
Visit for the course curriculum.

5.45 USD