Raw Chocolate Treats by Anabrese

Indulge in your favourite food at home with Anabrese's Raw Chocolate Recipe Book.
The recipes are simple and variable enough to give every chocolate lover a unique creative experience. Making your own raw chocolate at home is rewarding and cheaper than buying commercially availble chocolate bars. You can become your very own raw chocolatier in your own home making chocolates for yourself, your family and as gifts for friends.

Raw Chocolate Treats includes the following recipes:-

Mint Chocolate Crunch
Chocolate Bread
Fruit n Nutty
Mint Omega Snap
Chocolate Walnut Spread
Luxury Chocolate Roll
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate Brownies
White Chocolate
Chocolate Sandwich
Chocolate Shortbread
Chocolate Truffles
Chocolate Torte
……….and more

Raw chocolate is healthier than commercial chocolate and is actually very good for you!

All recipes are vegan and sugar-free!

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