How To Prepare Simple, Healthy Meals For Weight Loss and Overall Health

You are what you eat is not a novel concept, but you must agree that as a society, we are finally waking up to the fact that we cannot continue eating fast food, gulping sugar laden drinks and gorging on empty calorie snacks and still expect to maintain a healthy heart and weight.

Contents of Simple Weight loss Recipes:

Chapter 1:
Healthy Meal Basics

Chapter 2:
How Black Beans Help And A Black Bean Recipe

Chapter 3:
How Oats Help And A Oat Recipe

Chapter 4:
How Avocados Help And A Avocado Recipe

Chapter 5:
How Salmon Helps And A Salmon Recipe

Chapter 6:
How Eating The Right Foods Helps Those Pounds Melt Away

Wrapping Up

You will also receive in this package the following PLR Recipe Books

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Healthy Lunch Recipes for a week

Healthy Dinner Recipes for a week

Healthy Snack Recipes for a week

Healthy Dessert Recipes for a week

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