How To Use Free Skype To Create New Products And Content In Minutes…

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Hi, Im Louis Allport,

Two months ago, I spent just under two hours being interviewed on Skype by two people at once – one of the people interviewing me was in England, and the other in Japan!

And now, that interview has been turned into a product that is going to be seen by at least tens of thousands of people all over the world!

Forget telephone interviews, forget teleseminars … Skype really is the quickest and easiest way to create new audio products and content.

And shockingly — recorded Skype calls generally sound better than telephone calls, and WAY better than all those scratchy teleseminars calls weve all put up with (you know the ones – where you have to listen two or three times just to catch what people are saying!) …

How To Create Instant Audio Products

Here are your options for creating audio products – Ive tried them all and here are the pros and cons:

Recording a telephone call

The quality can sometimes be good, and sometimes not so good. The problems start with the cost – international interviews can really add to your phone bill. And then theres all the devices to hook up to your telephone (these dont come cheap, and in my experience dont always work great – its a clumsy system).

So its a solution, but not one I recommend any more (I used to, but new technology has made it irrelevant).

Recording a teleseminar

Okay, the good thing about teleseminars is of course you can have lots of people listening – which means you can charge people for access, and promote stuff at the same time!

But on the downside, many if not most teleseminar services are pretty darn expensive (Im talking hundreds of dollars). And after testing teleseminar services in the past, I was incredibly disappointed with the audio quality of the recording. I could barely understand whole sections of it. Not good.

Skype – yes, were back here again…

Let me be frank – I was very skeptical. Heres why:

Skype uses VOIP (Voice Over IP) – which basically means your voice is sent over the internet. Now we all know the internet does have its unreliable moments, so I was not convinced at all that recording Skype would work well.

However I should admit that when I first tried Skype a while back, it was on an older computer (a few years old) and things did not go very well. If youre serious about Skype, a pretty new computer is suggested to help things go smoothly.

So with my bright and shiny new computer I installed Skype and did a test recording.

Honestly, I was shocked. The audio quality was MUCH higher than teleseminar calls, as good as if not better than telephone calls, and it was much cheaper and much, much easier than either of those options.

Okay, theres my case for Skype – ditch the old technology, and start using and benefiting with the newer, better and way cheaper technology!

Ill talk you through exactly how to get set up with Skype, easily record calls, turn those calls into audio you can deliver to visitors and customers, and how to get it all on your website. Youll be surprised how easy it is when you know HOW.

This exclusive coaching comes in six videos you view directly at your computer:

Heres what youll discover in these videos:

Video One (9 Minutes)
In this video I talk you through how to install Skype and get it working 100.

Video Two (8 Minutes)
Here youll discover my secret weapon for recording Skype calls

Video Three (7 Minutes)
In this video Ill show you step-by-step how to record your first Skype call and how easy the process is.

Video Four (11 Minutes)
Here Ill talk you through how to easily tweak your Skype audio to make it sound even more professional.

Video Five (11 Minutes)
In this video Ill show you how to turn your Skype audio into an MP3 file you can give to your visitors and customers.

Video Six (19 Minutes)
Here Ill talk you through three options for delivering your audio to your visitors and customers.
Ill show you how to offer it as a download and how to stream it direct from your website.
AND – with the secret resource I reveal (hardly anyone knows about this gem of a website) youll discover how to stream audio from your website without spending a cent on software or services.

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