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Up until very recently I was in the same exact situation most internet marketers find themselves

I was struggling to make a dime online!

And it wasnt for lack of effort either.

I was working hard, creating websites and trying to rank them in Google, but everything I did only seemed to make the problem worse.

I even developed a little reputation here in the forum as someone who fails miserably at SEO!

Then Something Happened That Would Forever Alter My Internet Marketing Career

A fellow Warrior saw the plight I was going through with my SEO struggles and he reached out to me via PM.

This guy claimed he was making good money, and he would show me how, but I had to pay him several hundred dollars up front for his coaching

Of course of I was extremely skeptical, but I was desperate so I pulled the trigger and Paypald him the cash.

Over the next few weeks, he started to explain things to me, and these things actually made sense!

I started to see how Id been doing it all wrong

Id been obsessed with SEO, websites, Google rankings, back links, and all the mess that goes into working like that

And my mentor made me realize how none of those things were actually making me a dime.

He started to show me the TRUE way to make quick money online and build a long term sustainable business at the same time.

So just what is it?

What is the model that he, I, and so many others are using to quietly profit hand over fist month after month online?

Its simple, and I guarantee youve already heard about it

List Building!

Building email lists is the most effective way to make money online, period.

And I know youve probably heard time and time again that the money is in the list, and you know what, it really is!

However, there is a huge problem that keeps most people from making money with email lists!

The problem is that nearly everybody teaches people all about how to build lists, but nobody ever teaches anyone how to actually manage their lists properly in order to make money!

If youre interested in list building, you can learn all about how to pick niches to build lists in, how to setup squeeze pages, and how to get email leads on to your list

But what happens when you want to know how often you should email your list?

What happens when you want to know about what kinds of emails to send to your list?

Or what happens when you want to know about subject lines and getting your emails opened and read?

And how come no one ever reveals how to write emails that actually sell?

These questions are what keep most people from succeeding with lists, and it is about time someone did something about it!

So after my mentor started showing me these things, I convinced him that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of other struggling Warriors who NEED to know how to do this

I told him that there is a true and desperate need for a SOLUTION, a method, a business model that actually works and makes money!

So we got together, and he and I wrote down his entire system, from A to Z, and we made it simple enough that even a complete newbie can understand

And now, Im proud to introduce the fruit of our efforts

Push Button Cash

How To Make Money By Building An Ultra Responsive eMail List

Inside of this hefty 70 page guide, youre going to discover everything you need to know about how to run a successful email list based internet marketing business.

To be more specific, heres exactly what youre going to discover once you get your hands on this information:

Why eMail marketing is, hands down, the absolute BEST way to build an internet marketing business

How an email list is truly one of your biggest and only assets as an internet marketer ( if you aren't building a list, you're completely missing the boat when it comes to producing extreme profits online )

How you can use lists to literally force hundreds, if not thousands of clicks to any offer of your choosing ( and why this is truly the best type of traffic you can get! )

How to build a hugely profitable email list in any niche ( it doesn't matter if you're in the origami market or above ground swimming pools, list building can help make you more money no matter what )

The best email marketing mindset revealed ( business is about 90 mental and 10 effort, I'm going to show you the same mindset that multimillionaire email marketers use )

One costly mistake that most marketers make with email marketing and how you can avoid it

How to never become overwhelmed by internet marketing products, courses, and ebooks ever again ( if you're suffering from information overload this little tidbit is a godsend )

The absolute best email marketing service provider revealed ( don't waste your time and money on a cheap company for your list building, I show you the absolute best )

An in-depth explanation of squeeze pages ( if you've ever wondered how they really work then you'll love this )

The two different types of email lists that you can build explained ( very few marketers are aware that you need to treat your leads differently depending on how they got on your list, this will explain everything! )

The most effective way to create a bribe to get people on your list ( When you do your bribes this way, you make more money, because your leads will be extremely impressed! )

How to create an awesome squeeze page website for less than $15 ( even if you have zero technical experience, I'm going to show you how to get up and running within a few hours or less, for absolute peanuts )

Simple squeeze page copy writing tips that will skyrocket your conversion rates

How often you should email your list ( I show you the absolute best emailing frequency! )

How to write emails that actually get opened, read, and make you real money ( I give you several examples as well! By the time you finish this WSO you'll be producing emails like a pro )

Why you should NEVER use an auto-responder for your email marketing business ( this goes against 99 of what others will teach you, but you've got to see this! )

The exact kinds of email you should send out to your list and how often you should send them complete with examples ( everyone tells you how to build a list, but I've never seen anyone reveal how to actually manage your list for maximum profit, this content is worth 100 times the price of this WSO )

How to write killer emails that sell like crazy, and email them out often, all without burning your list out ( Ever been on a list that was a constant pitch fest? I'm sure you hated it, so here's how to make money AND keep your subscribers. I belong to a couple of lists that I enjoy getting because there is always something useful in them )

The key to writing great email unveiled ( you won't believe how simple this is to do, and its 100 free! )

My 10 best ways to make money from your list ( and we're not just talking about selling affiliate products )

And much more!
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