Stop Smoking Hypnosis Audio

Have you ever felt you needed a bit of help to stop smoking, well now you can get it with this :-.


Helping You To Stop Smoking

Do you want to Stop smoking? Whether it be, cigarettes, Cigars or even a Pipe. This is a highly effective one session CD that will give you the results you never thought possible.

Description: This Audio is designed to take you back, in your memory, to a time before you smoked, to associate those feelings you had about not smoking to your current life, using hypnotic suggestions to remove smoking from your routine.

Hypnosis Induction: Ericksonian/Conversational Hypnosis Rapid Induction

Techniques Used: Direct Suggestions, Indirect Suggestions, Fractionalization Deepening, Visualization, Re framing

Guided Hypnosis By: Jesse Berg, CHT

Track One-PreTalk: 19 minutes 36 seconds

Track Two-Hypnosis: 38 minutes 13 seconds.

Professional Hypnosis Created By Certified Hypnotherapists:

Jesse Berg, CHT. And Steven B. Schneider, CHT.

That Audio have a complete and full Hypnosis session.

2.97 USD