SureFire Profit System Full Package


You get 171 pages, 40,670 words, of high-quality content. I wrote a detailed outline for each of the six modules and paid one of the top Internet marketing ghost writers $2,675 to work his magic. I also paid $300 for the graphics totaling $2,975 for this package.

Derrick VanDyke is a rare breed of Internet marketer. Rare, because he is one of a select few, that genuinely

cares about and really helps regular folks like me ( a Baby Boomer) succeed. I know this because I have purchased

most everyone of Derricks products.. from his optin app to his last product on Creating A WSO…in fact, I recently

launched a WSO following his course..and I'm an old Baby Boomer ..!!

This time, Derrick is offering PLR to his Flagship product "The Sure Fire Profit System"…I jumped on this like stink on..? After going

through this in deatail, I can tell you that this is the only product you will need to really get a true picture of what it

takes to be a successful online marketer.

A total of 6 Modules indepth..with screen shots leading you by the hand through each step of setting up your sales funnel,

creating a product, launching, and setting up your affiliate program.(and much more)

I can whole heartedly recommend anything Derrick VanDyke produces. And to get PLR to this is just CRAZY Luck for anyone who gets their hands on this.

To top it all off (and this is very important), Derrick is fanatical when it comes to customer support.

I can't tell you how many WSO's iv'e never hear another word from the product owner again..or even get an answer from

their so called "support desk?….

If you have a problem..Derrick has an answer.

Jump on this folks..this is pure GOLD.

3.99 USD