If you have been confused, frustrated and crazed by the entire topic of using keywords to optimize your business then now is the time to read my eBook !

In The Beginners Guide to PPC I have created a very simple step by step plan that anyone can follow to bring targeted visitors to your site.

And in order to bring targeted visitors to your site, you have to understand the importance of keywords and keyword terms and how they work.

If you have never used Pay-Per-Click before you will very much benefit from the solid advice that I have included in this book about how to go about it in a sensible way including –

* How to understand the basics of PPC and how it works in a nutshell
* How to register for PPC advertising account and fund it
* How to create a keyword list that is appropriate to your product
* How to avoid become depressed and unmotivated because you start feeling overwhelmed when you end up paying for a keyword that does not work
* How to know when you are over saturated with keywords and likely to do your business harm instead of good
* How the way people search for information online can greatly impact your business and the negative or positive role that keywords can play
* How to understand the mysteries of how Google algorithms relate to PPC and greatly impact how people search for information about your website
* Why it is not a good idea to get too ambitious too quickly when it comes to choosing viral keyword phrases
* Why it can take years to achieve top rankings if you decide to opt for free PPC techniques instead
* How to determine whether or not a keyword is a realistic option for you when it comes to pulling in the big bucks
* Why you do not need a massive number of visitors to your site and how you should be able to turn a profit on as little as ten visitors per day
* How to define a low competition keyword and be able to still use it to bring unique targeted visitors to your site using a PPC campaign.
* How to distinguish a keyword a browser would use as compared to a buyer
* How to assess which ads are working for you and which ones are duds!
* …and much, much more!

Find Out How To List Your Site in The Top Ten Search Engine Rankings Using Proven PPC Techniques!
One of the main aims of this simple how-to step-by-step guide to deploying a PPC campaign is to get your web pages listed as high as possible on the Google search engine pages.

You have heard this many times before but I really can help you get rich by taking you through the process of setting up a great PPC campaign ..

I cover such topics as –

* How to dominate a single keyword term so that it always will be yours and nobody elses
* Why it might be of benefit to use several PPC programs rather than just concentrating on Google – this includes Mix, Quigg, SearchFeed and 7 Search
* How to create a campaign that pleases Google which in the end will cost you a lot less
* How to stipulate how much money you want to spend on any campaign and come up with a REALISTIC budget
* How to write out advertising copy
* How to create landing and squeeze pages that work with your campaign
* How to set up an autoresponder account to collect visitor e-mail information and add it to your mailing g list
* How to end up with a great Google Quality Score
* How to ensure that the keywords on your web pages will please the Google bots and spiders so that you are ranked highly on the search engine pages
* Why using too many keywords is not a good idea and why in this day and age less is more
* How to create keyword phrases that match popular search terms that are used often by your potential customers
* How to use Keyword Spy to take a look at the history of the success of a particular keyword you might be thinking of using
* A list of the research tools that you must make part of your online marketing arsenal
* How to use the Google Site Optimizer to test your website
* How to Use Word Tracker to create targeted ads with great keywords
* How to establish how many other online businesses might be interested in using the same keyword phrases you are
* How to come up with ten never-fail keyword phrases that are uniquely yours and that you can use again and again to bring you a windfall of customers
* How to place your adverts before clicking that Go button
* .. .and much, much more!

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