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Originally Published by J. F. SALLOWS

If you have any interest in Blacksmithing then this is a great book to have in your collection.

The original edition of this Rare book was printed in 1907


In offering this book to my fellow craftsmen, I do
not wish it to be inferred that I consider myself the
only one who knows how to do the work described in
its pages. In 27 years experience at blacksmithing,
however, working in nearly all kinds of shops, including
horseshoeing, marine, railroad, printing press, sawmill
machinery and automobile shops, I have had opportunities
seldom obtained by the average smith. I
therefore hope that the book will not only help the
young men in the trade, but some of the older blacksmiths
as well ; and since much attention has been
given to the subjects of hardening, tempering, casehardening,
coloring, etc., I believe it will also prove
useful to machinists and toolmakers. Part of the matter
upon these latter subjects was contributed, in somewhat
different form, to the columns of Machinery,
but most of the material is here used for the first time.
Everything in these pages is from actual experience

Inside you will find:

Chapter I. Machine Forging 1
Reading DrawingsInstructions Should be ClearArranging
Forges in a ShopThe Anvil BlockCutting Off
SteelHeating and ForgingTongsHeading Tool
Bending ForkBevel SetBolts for PlanerKey Puller
Open End WrenchSocket WrenchSpanner Wrench
Turnbuckle or SwivelCrankshaftMaking a Square
Corner in Heavy StockMaking a Double AngleDirections
for WeldingScarf WeldTwo Heats to Make a
WeldButt WeldLap WeldCleft WeldJump Welding
Welding a RingWelding Solid Ends in PipeThe
Use of Dutchmen.
Chapter II. Tool Forging 40
Systematic Arrangement of WorkCare in Heating
PatternsBevel SetCold ChiselsCape Chisels, Grooving
Chisels, Etc.Screw DriverTools from FilesCutting-
off ToolSide ToolsBoring ToolThreading
Tools Roughing Tool Finishing Tools Centering
ToolsDiamond PointRound Nose ToolBrass Turning
ToolRock DrillTo Make Tool Steel Rings or
Dies Without Welding.
Chapter III. Hardening and Tempering 66
Proper and Improper HeatingDrawing the Temper

Charcoal FireHome-made OvenColor ChartsHardening
Cold ChiselsCenter PunchesLathe and Planer
ToolsHardening Milling CuttersHardening Formed
CuttersHardening a Thin CutterThe Treatment of
ReamersHardening TapsTreatment of Punches and
DiesThreading DieTreatment of a BroachShear
BladesHardening Large RollsTempering Springs
Drill Jig BushingsTempering a Hammer HeadTempering
Fine Steel PointsShrinkage and ExpansionAnnealing
General Directions for Hardening.

Chapter IV. High-Speed Steel 107
To Distinguish High-Speed SteelCutting Off High-
Speed SteelTreating Self-Hardening SteelForging
Air-Hardening SteelDevice for Air HardeningHeating
for HardeningHardening with CyanideHardening
Milling Cutters and Other Expensive ToolsHardening
Long BladesAnnealing High-Speed Steel.
Chapter V. Casehardening and Coloring 118
The FurnacePacking for CasehardeningDirections
for CasehardeningTank for Casehardening Work

Tools from Machine SteelPack HardeningPack
Hardening Long PiecesTesting WorkPack Hardening
Thin CuttersCyanide HardeningMottling and
ColoringHow to Get the Charred Bone and Leather
Coloring with CyanideColoring by Heat Alone.
Chapter VI. BrazingGeneral Blacksmithing 134
Brazing Brazing Furnace Spelter Directions for
BrazingBrazing Cast IronBrazing a Small Band Saw
Bending Gas PipeTo Straighten Thin Sheet Steel
The General Blacksmith and Horse ShoerRepairing
PlowsharesShoeing to Prevent InterferingHorseshoe
ViseShoeing for Contracted FeetAdvice to Foremen.
Table of Decimal EquivalentsReproductions in Colors
Showing Coloring of a Hardened WrenchColored Heat
ChartColored Temper ChartWorking Drawings of
a Casehardening Furnace.


This Book is intended for education and informational purposes only.

Our modification and restoration process of this book, has resulted in our creating a new work (restored or annotated or improved work), that gives us a clear and novated copyright to this modified version.

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