This book was credited to Pope Honorius III, who succeeded Pope Innocent III in 1216.

The Grimoire of Honorius was full of Christian benedictions and formulae.l

Including sinistrous requirements for animal sacrifice and instructions for obtaining a pact with the Devil.

"It not only instructed priests in the arts of demonology but virtually ordered

them to learn how to conjure and control demons, as part of their job."

The Grimoire of Honorius was described by A.E. Waite as

"perhaps the most frankly diabolical of the Rituals connected with Black Magic."

In deals directly with the most hated and feared of demons found within Judeo-Christian traditions,

such as Lucifer and Astaroth.

In addition, its reputation was built up by famed Nineteenth Century French occultist Eliphas Levi,

who described it as horrible, wicked, and profane.
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