Your COMPLETE Care Package for Succeeding in the Public Domain

Here Is What You'll Find in This BREAKTHROUGH Survival Kit:

#1: Public Domain Advantage

#2: Public Domain Expert Toolbar, Lite Edition

#3: Your Swiss Army Knife
The Report Factory

#4: Your Binoculars
Public Domain Code-Breaker Report

#5: Public Domain First-Aid Kit

With ALL the Public Domain works you'll find, you be able to:

o Republish the works as-is in print form
o Republish the works as-is as a downloadable e-book
o Republish the works as-is along with other books on CD
o Use the content to develop Study Course with workbook
o Use the content to develop How-to Course
o Videotape How-to Courses or Training Classes
o Update or rewrite thematerial for new products
o Use portions of different books to create new thematic collection books
o Use the content to develop Mini-Courses offered by e-mail or online
o Use the content to develop Homeschooling curriculum
o Use excerpts to make Quotes books
o Record reading the content as audio books
o Use the content as e-zine articles
o Use the content for web pages along with AdSense
o Use excerpts to combine with original material for a new book
o Use excerpts along with images to create flash movies
o Use a collection of PD books to create a membership site
o Use referenced authors and books to discover new PD materials
o Use poems or quotes to create posters
o And MUCH, MUCH more!

Of course it's MUCH easier to create products from existing information than to start from scratch! Why do THAT when there are over 85 million books waiting for you to exploit?!

9.95 USD