Turn a basic Facebook page into a Fully Autopilot Viral Marketing Tool in 3 Easy Steps

No Installation
No Script Uploading
No PHP Scripts Setup
No MySql Database

Would you like to Create an Autopilot Viral Fan page?

The Strategy given here will make your Facebook pages promoted automatically by itself.

Number of fans will be increased and people will start sharing the facebook page with thousands of like-minded people.

Your opt-in subscription list will go through the roof and exposure to your business will go up at an exponential rate.

The concept of Viral Fanpage

Basically, the Viral Fanpage I introduce here is an Interactive Facebook page. Interactive means, the page will interact or respond to users actions and display the results.

When somebody visits your Facebook page, he can win a Gift by answering a simple question. The gift can be any downloadable file – an Ebook, Report, MP3 Audio, Video, Software app, Coupon Code etc. To view the question, he has to click the 'Like' Button and become a fan. Once he becomes a fan, the questionnaire will be displayed immediately.

Block Diagram of a Viral Fanpage

If his answer is incorrect, he can try again. If the answer is correct, then he can immediately access the download link or an opt-in subscription form to send the same by email.

The visitor will also be able to send the question(s) to his friends or groups and post comments in the Textbox provided.

This way, your Fan page will be promoted all over the Internet by like-minded Facebook users like a Virus. More people will start visiting your Facebook page and the number of fans, subscribers and buyers will be increased exponentially.

Once you setup a Viral Fanpage, it will start promoting itself 24/7 fully autopilot.

Screen-shot of a Sample Viral Fanpage

This is the page that appears to all visitors (non-fans)

All visitors will be encouraged to click the 'Like' button.

Once they click the 'Like' button and become a fan, the question page will be displayed.

If the answer is incorrect, then he can try again.

If the answer is correct, he can immediately access the download link or an Opt-in form to send the gift by email.

The visitors will be able to send the questions to his friends and groups using the button provided in the Fan page.

They can also post comments and that will be appeared on the Facebook wall.

This way, the Fanpage will be spread all over the Internet like a Virus and you will get additional exposure to your offers absolutely free.

You will be able to promote any Affiliate links, CPA offers and Offline Offers using this method.

My PDF guide will show you how to create a Viral Fanpage
in 3 Easy Steps.

No Script installation, no uploading, no MySql Database set and no other complications at all. Even newbies can build a Viral Fanpage.

To create a Viral Fanpage, you need;

1) My PDF guide
2) A Web browser connected to the Internet
3) 7 to 15 minutes of your time.

This PDF Guide is so easy to follow and every step has been explained in details with over 43 screen-shot images.

Download It Without Worries,
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