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Micro Profit System – My Birthday Gift! -…

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From: Desmond Ong

Before I started writing all this down, it took me almost an hour to figure out what to write here to convince you that you shouldn't waste your time with other courses…

The point is… I want you to try my package course.

This weekend, I turn 21 and I told myself that I want to give something back to the community when I turn 21 — and this is it.

B.S. aside, I want you to know that you're about to get a system that only me and my close mastermind clients have been testing for the past few weeks…

In fact, here's what one of my close mastermind partner made in just two days:

The reason I'm showing you one of my mastermind partners' result in two days is because I want you to know if a stay-at-home mom from suburb Atlanta can do this… so can you

"$582 Overnight? That Doesn't Sound Like A Lot of Money"

I understand that $582 overnight is not a lot of earnings… It's not one of those "$2,321,283,182.28" that the gurus will tell you about…

Because honestly if you're here looking for a system that would make you a millionaire overnight — this isn't it.

This is just a simple "forgotten" affiliate marketing system that is being revived by me and my close mastermind partners — and it so happens that it still work like gangbusters!

This is for people who are making less than $5,000 per month… Not people who are driving fast cars and living in mansions… This is for people who want a change in their lives…

"This Isn't A Big Course… But Its Beauty Is Simplicity…"

Over the last few days, I developed something called, "Micro Profit System"…

It's not a big fat course like I always used to put out, but it's simple… and straight to the point… No B.S., no fluff…

I don't want to waste your time, and I don't want you to waste yours either… Because once you figured out how you can apply Micro Profit System, every hour is worth $100 to you!

Here's what you will learn in the course:

Video 1: The Blueprint & How We Set Things Up

In this video, I'll explain the blueprint of the system and actually go through the entire system part by part.

I am going to dissect each and every one of the three part system and show you exactly where and how I make the money.

Video 2: Creation & Selection Process

Most people don't make a bunch of money online because they always make the wrong decision and to make things worse, they actually don't realize their mistakes.

In this video, I will funnel you to the right path and actually show you ways to pick the best offer to promote.

I will also show you the quick way to build value for your prospects so they trust you instantly

Video 3: The Forum Market

Forum traffic is always a huge attraction to me because the leads from forum can be so high quality and they are literally begging you to sell to them…

In this video, I will point you to the direction where you can gain forum leads easily and how I funnel forum leads into my Micro Profit System…

Video 4: The "Caffeinated" Process

This method really excites me because the traffic is free and one of the highest quality traffic that I've ever gotten in the past few years since AdWords have been a big a-hole.

This is a method that you can use to legally "hijack" other people's website and sap their traffic to your website. I cannot really say more about this method here but all I can say is this is one of the best traffic methods out there. And surprisingly, no one is talking or teaching about this yet!

Video 5: The Traffic Magnets

I don't care what other people tell you, but if you can't drive traffic — you cannot make money.

In this video, I will show you one extremely reliable traffic source that I've been using for years and another new traffic source that I've been experimenting with that has brought me over 4,520 hits per day.

Video 6: The $582 Case Study

Finally in the last video, I will show you the case study of my simple campaign that made me $582 in 24 hours. You will see the exact campaign, exact offer I promote and even sneak peek of my product!

And heck, if you don't think the videos are worth the price of this course, you are entitled to…

"It's My Birthday… But This Is My Gift to You"
I know it's kind of weird giving away gifts for birthday but I truly owe this community and I am giving back…

All I ask for is for you to help me cover the cost of me putting this up… That's all.

I am not making big money off this and I am certainly not inviting any affiliate to promote this.

This offer ends on the November 1st. Once the date hits November 1st, I am ending this package immediately and you won't get a chance to get your hands on this again…

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1. Are all the methods in there free?

Some are, some no. Most are free and I suggest you to try out the free methods first before the paid ones.

2. Do you provide future updates to the course?

Yes. In fact, I am recording a case study right now for my mastermind partners and I am thinking of releasing it to the members of Micro Profit System as well.

3. Do you provide email help?

Yes. I just connected the support email to my iPhone so I am able to check my phone whenever I am queuing up to get my daily Chipotle burritos. 🙂

4. Why are some of your campaigns private?

99 of my marketing campaigns are in "testing" mode. I am trying to find out the best conversion and scale them up. You should do the same too.

5. Have you tested this method in other niches?

Yes. This method has been tested in multiple niches like acne, weight loss, stock trading and pets niche.

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