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"Video Marketing To Page One"

Dear Tradebit Viewers

Considering that you are reading this page I can assume you are an internet marketer struggling to get traffic to your websites. You no doubt are engaged in affiliate marketing and maybe even have a product of your own, but sales are virtually non existant.

Whether you are a full time internet marketer or someone with a day job looking to make extra income, the one thing you need to make money online is a consistent flow of quality traffic.

Many internet markets engage in text based marketing such as; article marketing, blog commenting, forum posting, social media marketing and the like because it is considered easy. The problem is that virtually every marketer is using these techniques.

This means that there is considerable competition if you are trying to rank in Google's organic search engine results using these strategies.

If you intend to then you need to either go after long tail keywords or spend all your time building back links and creating link wheels.

This is a viscuous cycle that will consume all your spare time. If you left the 9-5 life style, you will have entered the 9 to 9 lifestyle if you take this route. Now i don't know about you but I left the 9 – 5 rat race so that I could have more spare time to do the things I like – spend more time with family, on the golf course and on vacation.

If you prefer spending your time leaving comments on blogs you have no interest in, acting like a good samaratin and posting content all over forums or spending hours writing articles every day then so be it.

But if you want to get ahead with internet marketing, you need to start working smarter not harder. This means that you have to go down the path less travelled where the traffic is abundant and the competition virtually non existant.

So if you are sick and tired of getting little if any sales online, it simply means that your traffic generation strategies are failing. To change your results you must change what you are doing.

This PROBLEM has just been magnified considerably by the recent Google Farmer Update. Duplicate content in the form of articles, spun articles, content farms and even autoblogs with a disproportionate level of Adsense ads have taken a hammering – many have completely disappeared from the SERPS altogether.

In fact reports are that between 35 and 90 of article content has been negatively impacted. This is HUGE.

So how exactly can an internet marketer DOMINATE page one of Google especially taking into consideration this post FARMER Update era.

Two words: 'video marketing'.

"Video Marketing is the SHORTCUT to SUCCESS with SEO!"

Video marketing is the only way to simultaneously DOMINATE Google and YouTube – 2 of the greatest traffic sources online..

You see Google bought YouTube because it could see patterns in user search behavior that suggested video was becoming increasingly popular. They then changed their 'search engine results pages' to incorporate a concept they called 'Google Universal Search'.

As you can see from the diagram above, this really is just a fancy way of saying that Google blended several vertical filters into their results. Several what? 🙂 What I mean is that instead of just having html text based sites, they blended video, images, news, blog posts and several other verticals into the results..

Considering video is multi sensory it is given preference over other results such as html results, for many search terms. This is because it enhances the user experience and we all know Google is all about that.

Furthermore Google bots are programmed to rank videos in as little as 24 hours. This is because the competition from a video perspective is low and thus rapid indexing is possible.

A well optimized video can thus get straight to the number 1 position in Google in just 24 hours. That is a video that has been optimized using my formula. More about that later. But first lets examine the power of video in a little more detail.

The fact you can get a video to the top of Google in just 24 hours is a MASSIVE benefit. To do that with a text based marketing technique could take 6 – 12 months and even after doing all the SEO work you have no guarantees. This is proven by the recent farmer update. You could have spent the past 12 months creating hundreds of spun articles and Adsense laden auto blogs, now all your work is invain.

But video is IMMUNE to the farmer update. Search all the terms used in my 'PROOF' screen shots below and you will see my videos are still sitting proud ontop of the search engines.

Furthermore when a video appears in the search engine results it appears as thumbnail on the left hand margin. Eye tracking studies confirmed time and time again that the vast majority of traffic views Googles SERPS are focused on the top 3 results in the left hand margin.

This is clearly evident from the diagram above. The fact that a video optimized with my formula can be inserted inside these top 3 position gives an internet marketer considerable competitive advantage from a traffic generation perspective.

"Is Video Marketing Just a Fad?"

Take a look at a fraction of the undeniable evidence supporting why video is NOT A FAD but rather a trend worth your attention.

According to comScore Video Metrix US internet users viewed 12.7 billion online videos during November 2008, up more than one third over November 2007.

eMarketer also puts online video viewers at more than three-quarters of US Internet users, and estimates that percentage will rise to 88 by 2012.

eMarketer estimates online video ad spending will reach $4.6 billion in 2013, up from $587 million in 2008.

The Nielsen Company reported 2009 saw a massive increase in online video consumption compared with 2008.

They indicated unique viewers, total streams, streams per viewer and time per viewer were up, led by a 41 percent growth in total streams.

And this is just the beginning.

Obviously, the incredible proliferation of online video sharing websites confirms the trend. There are currently 200+ of these video hosting sites dominating the internet.

And perhaps the greatest litmus test of all is Google itself. The farmer update has not negatively impacted any of my page one videos on Google. What does that tell you? The future is video as far a Google is concerned.

So clearly, video is the wave of the future. And the amazing thing is that any internet marketer can ride this monstrous tidal wave.

"What Makes Video Marketing So Powerful?"

Video Marketing involves the appendage of a marketing message to an engaging related video in an effort to promote a product or service.

The reasons why video marketing is so powerful include..

Organic Placement. Video marketing will get you organic (left side of the search results) ranking that consumers trust most, so you will receive 50 times more click throughs than the Sponsored Results.

It engages the viewer. Video Marketing engages a viewer like no other marketing medium. Consider those websites that show movie trailers. Viewers are quiet happy to watch a 10 second commercial before the movie trailer starts. For those 10 seconds the marketer has the viewers complete attention.

It has viral properties. If the video is entertaining the viewer will send the video to all their friends, who will send it to all their friends until it grows virally. You could eventually have millions of viewers passing along your video at zero cost to you.

Search Engine Domination. Google will often place relevant video at the top of its search engine results. A well prepared video will leap frog your competitors into the top spot on the search engines.

Increased Brand Awareness. A well executed video marketing campaign can see a relatively small player in any niche obtain global brand recognition, potentially leveling the playing field and enabling them to seriously compete with larger cash rich competitors.

It builds back links. Many marketers dont realize that every video you create can seriously bump up your back links thus further improving your sites position in the search engine results.

All of these benefits combine to ensure your website receive a continuous stream of highly targeted traffic at no cost to you.

Quality traffic is the fastest way to generate the maximum amount of sales in the least amount of time.

"Google LOVES Video…"

Here is where things get really exciting.

This vast majority of viewers are only interested in the left side of the search engine results page i.e. organic listings.

This is because savvy online searchers know that websites that appear in the organic listings got there on their own merit as opposed to buying a position from Google.

As I've demonstrated in the earlier diagram, eye tracking studies have confirmed this statistic time and time again.

Search engine spiders are crawling the web every day looking for new content. These bots discover new videos daily and give them sensational ranking.

This is incredibly powerful information. You can potentially dominate page one of Google within 24 hours, once you follow the precise principles I am about to reveal.

Now you may be skeptical that it is possible to get such breath taking results so quickly. How about some real-world proof?

This single video was submitted to multiple video sharing websites and literally owned Googles front page taking an incredible 9 out of the top 10 rankings.

Can you imagine taking 9 out of Googles Top 10 organic Rankings for keywords directly relevant to your product? Your online sales would go through the roof.

Not only that but you would truly devastate your competition i.e. in this case they dont even get a look in on the front page, because the product in question took 9 out of the top 10 results.

"How About Some Proof?"

Consider the following #1 search engine positon for the keyword phrase 'kitesurfing accidents'. I had 60,100 web pages competing with me, and I took the #1 position in 24 hours, and that was over 10 months ago and I am still holding strong.

Notice that i didn't just take the number 1 spot, I DEVASTATED it, with 3 entries taking the #1 position simultaneously. Also take note that I leap frogged 'authority sites' that were well established and fully SEO optimized.

Don't believe me? Google the term 'kitesurfing accidents' right now, and I guarantee I am still owning that position.

Even more impressive consider the following video I posted to drive traffic to one of my internet sites.

It was for the search term tiger woods greatest golf shots. The term had 1,220,000,000 competing web pages, and my video is in the # 1 position on Google. Even for a specific search 'tiger woods golf shots' in inverted commas competing against 104,000 web pages the video holds the number one position.

Now its not simply a case of upload the video and you get your #1 ranking. There are a set of steps you need to take to achieve these cash suckling position. I will reveal these exact steps I take to get the #1 position in Google in Video marketing To Page One below.

In the example below I dominated the #1 position in Google for the search term John McEnroe Worst Tennis Tantrums, with 3 of my videos owning the # 1 position. I also captured the #4 position with the same video.

Also take note that I leap frogged Wikipedia. Any experienced internet marketer will know that this is an extremely difficult task to achieve given Wikipedia has authority status in the eyes of Google.

"Will this work with Ultra Competitive Keywords?"

Some people ask how I make money with the above videos. How do you think? I'm hyper active in the promotion of affiliate products in the golf, tennis and kitesurfing niches. Do you realize how much traffic there is on YouTube and Google for the less competitive terms. Everyone knows golf is one of the most lucrative niches of all. Its a freaking gold mine.

But will this work in the more competitive niches such as 'make money online'. YES it will. For those of you who may be skeptical that this will not work for ultra competitive terms that have serious money making potential, let me give you a glimpse of the power and potential of these techniques.

Just one of the many secrets inside 'Video Marketing To Page One' will reveal how you can get a video from your own website to page 1 of Google for ultra competitive BIG PRODUCT LAUNCHES.

Can you imagine how powerful it is to have your videos promoting affiliate products coming up on page one of Google, sending traffic directly to your affiliate link. Your traffic and conversions will literally EXPLODE.

The screen shot below shows two videos dominating the #1 position in Google for the term 'kajabi review'. Kajabi was a huge product launch for a passive continuity product. Passive continuity means that these affiliates earned monthly recurring revenues for every sale they made.

These two videos are destroying competing affiliates that are relying on 'text based' reviews which were displayed below the video reviews. I will show you the exact techniques being used here to siphoon off massive recurring affiliate commissions from Google traffic.

"Introducing Video Marketing To Page One"

Video Marketing To Page One is without doubt one on of the most comprehensive guides you will ever read on the subject of video marketing. It is a complete A –> Z video marketing course that leaves absolutely nothing out.

The course is delivered over 8 MODULES including;

  • Market Research
  • Video Creation
  • Video Optimization
  • Video Marketing
  • Video Hosting
  • Grey Hat Tactics
  • Google Domination Strategies

Within these modules your will learn things such as;

  • 8 step by step techniques for creating professional videos from scratch even if you have ZERO experience
  • The 8 Step 'Formula' for Dominating Page # 1 of Google and driving FREE money making traffic to your sites.
  • 15 Ground Breaking White Hat Tactics that guarantees your video dominates all major video sharing sites from 'YouTube' to 'Metacafe' and drives hoards of motivated buyers to your websites.
  • 3 Killer Grey Hat Tactics that will explode your video traffic with Zero Extra Effort These strategies are where the gurus really take things up a notch
  • 9 closely guarded strategies to ensure your video goes viral
  • 4 Devastating Techniques that accelerate your video views so quickly that they appear on YouTube's front page directly visible to 80 million visitors a day.
  • The concept of video retainers and how to use them to own page one of Google.
  • 9 lethal methods to optimize the videos title to attract maximum attention and click throughs
  • 3 Little Known tactics for squeezing the maximum targeted traffic from strategic tagging.
  • 4 clever thumbnail optimization strategies that visually impact the viewer and attract their attention over competing videos
  • 3 overlooked methods for optimizing your video description that will attract Googles attention like bees to honey.
  • 3 magnetic techniques that turn your video into an unstoppable mailing list builder.
  • 1 surprising method for artificially increasing your video views on autopilot at no cost to you.
  • A sneaky tactic that ethically uses other peoples video content for instant videos
  • 1 Killer method guaranteed to attract 100,000 video views in 48 hours this is a lethal weapon for seriously attracting search engine attention.
  • and much, much more

When you get your video to page one of Google several things happen;

  1. Your YouTube views skyrocket because they are not only getting traffic from the YouTube community, but directly from Google itself.
  2. You get passive traffic to your website. Using the exact methods I describe traffic will flow to your website forever more without costing you time or money.
  3. This laser targeted traffic translates into autopilot sales – TRUE PASSIVE INCOME.

"You Will Get The Complete System"

You will get the complete step by step blueprint that details how I pull this off. The e-book is bursting with 168 page of riveting content, clearly explained with beautifully illustrated diagrams and screen shots.

Better still my technique;

  • Does NOT require you to appear in the video
  • Does NOT require you to speak in the video
  • Does NOT require any technical expertize
  • Does NOT require any expensive equipment

I wrote 'Video Marketing To Page One' to be THE most complete course on Video Marketing available today.

It leaves no stone unturned in it's 168 pages of premium content.

"This Blueprint Creates 'Set and Forget' Money Making Machines "

This system will turn every video you create into an automated money making machine, that drives laser targeted traffic to your products, affiliate products and CPA sites 24 / 7 – 365 days a year without any further input from you.

I am supremely confident that if you get a copy of 'Video Marketing To Page One' today, these techniques will work for you.

Lets face it, none of us enjoy the 'time intensive' tasks of building backlinks through article marketing, forum posting, blog commenting, social bookmarking and all the other laborious tasks.

Grab a copy of 'Video Marketing To Page One', follow the steps precisely and you can kiss 'Google Adwords', and time intensive link building Goodbye.

"You Also Get 3 Premium Bonuses To MAGNIFY Your Results"

Further to the primary blueprint, I also provide an impressive package of bonus product that accelerate your results.

Within the package you will receive 3 QUALITY bonuses including;
– Web Video Testimonial Creation Software
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For a limited time I am offering the impressive 'YouTube Video Marketing Secrets' 20 part video course.

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