Let's face it: Video is the biggest trend in online promotion today. And if you're not taking advantage of its power to captivate and persuade an audience, you are behind the curve and are certainly losing optins and sales because of it.


The problem is most people don't have a clear idea of how to create compelling video sales letters. You may 'kind of' know how it's done, but not 100%. Maybe you're not sure of your copy writing skills, or the whole thing just seems too technical or expensive.

So what happens? You're watching other people make BANK with their video sales letters, while you're stuck back in 2002, losing customers and profits.

Well, that's all about to change with…

Video Sales Letters EXPOSED

Video Sales Letters EXPOSED is a 9 Part Video course that will guide you step by step through the simple process of creating cash-pulling video sales letters. It's a formula I've used for the last 12 months in a variety of niches, including travel, natural health, and internet marketing.

Before I started making video sales letters, I found it hard to 'stand out from the crowd', especially in the travel and IM niches. It seemed like the people who were able to promote their products using video always had a ton of affiliates and were able to raise their profile and build trust quickly.

After I started making video sales letters, I noticed a huge upswing in my opt-ins and sales, plus something else happened…


I was able to create a strong relationship with my list, which of course resulted in increased revenue over the long term.

Here's just some of what you'll learn:

* 5 things you need to create killer Video Sales Letters (you probably already have 3 of them, the other 2 are FREE)

* The time tested marketing method that will keep prospects glued to your videos like a 12 year old at a Bieber concert

* Copy Crash Course: How to write killer copy in 9 simple steps (this course could easily have been sold separately)

* The biggest mistake most video promoters make (and it's got nothing to do with video)

* How to build your prospect's trust and excitement for your product subconsciously, so they'll be happy to hand you their credit card

* 4 Quick and Easy Tricks to create instant authority, power and urgency in your video sales message

* … and much more.

Here's exactly what you'll get with your copy of Video Sales Letters EXPOSED:

* The 'Video Sales Letters EXPOSED' 9 Part Video Course MP4

3.95 USD