Give your customers and subscribers the training they need the fast & easy way!

Quick & Easy Video Lessons Let You
Teach Your Customers, Members &
Subscribers Simple Things They
Can Do To Improve Their Websites

They Will Thank You For Showing Them How To
Quickly Perform These Simple Tasks!

The truth is…People love learning from video and…
if you arent giving them what they want they are going to go some place else

Why do people love video tutorials….

Because videos dont require time consuming on screen reading, ebooks are hard to read and most people simply quit reading half way, but not with video… with video all they need to do is sit back, relax and watch as they are shown exactly what to do!

Video tutorials leave absolutely nothing to chance. As a matter of fact, youre customers will thank you for showing them how to perform simple tacks with a quick problem solving video tutorial. They are proven to be an instant best seller.

People feel they are getting SO much more value when they receive a multimedia product, I know it sounds crazy, but video products also have a much lower refund rate than ebooks and other digital products do. Even if they contain the SAME information!

Video products are quick to digest, people are busier than ever! When they can get the information they need quickly and easily they are more than happy to pay top dollar for it and it sells like crazy…

Videos cut straight to the point leaving the viewer with exactly what they want faster than reading how to books and manuals and they love them!

Take a quick look at what you will be able to teach your viewers:
With this quick sampling of the video lessons in this package!

In 3 minutes you can show them how to…
quickly create a PDF file online, with out downloading and installing costly, hard to install and use software! So that they can protect and share their content in PDF form!

This is fast and easy!

In 7 minutes you can show them how to…
protect their product download pages from unscrupulous thieves by adding a simple line of code to their webpages! An example page is included, so that they can simply copy and paste the code into their own pages!

This is a money saver!

In 3 minutes you can show them how to…
quickly set up a restricted FTP account on their hosting account, so that they can only share access to certain files with others! This comes in handy if you hire someone to work on your site for you

Its easier than you may think!

In 2 minutes you can show them how to…
quickly find keyword targeted domain names for their websites, without having to type in a new query for each one to see if it is available.

This is a real time saver!

In 2 minutes you can show them how to….
quickly add a live date script that will display the current date to any webpage! The script is included, so that they can simply copy and paste!

This keeps webpages current!

In 5 minutes you can show them how to….
quickly add a box to any webpage, so that they can showcase certain information on their website. The HTML code is included, so that they can simply copy and paste it into their own webpages!

This is a handy tip!

The Videos In This Package All Come With Private Label Rights
Which means that you can……
Save hours of your precious time creating your own video tutorials to share with your customers, visitors and subscribers!

Because you can quickly brand each of the videos in this package with your own name and business information, sell them, give them away or upload them to popular video sharing sites like YouTube and start attracting your own fair share of free traffic!

You can even set them up on a squeeze page and offer them as a nice bonus to build your mailing list! Its completely up to you!


[YES] May be packaged

[YES] May be added to PAID membership sites

[YES] May be packaged with other PAID products

[YES] May be offered as a bonus with other PAID products

[YES] May sell Personal Use Rights to others

[YES] May sell Resell Rights to others

[YES] May be given away free

[YES] May be added to FREE membership sites

[YES] May sell on auction sites.

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